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grass, grain, berries, algae, and trees

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List 10 producers in an ecosystem?

Producers provide much needed energy in an ecosystem. Ten producers in a forest ecosystem are: grass, berries, shrubs, flowers, trees, weeds, algae, lichen, mosses, and fungi.

What are 5 examples of producers in the ocean ecosystem?

5 examples of producers in an ocean ecosystem include creatures like phytoplankton, seaweed, kelp, algae, and coral. These organisms are called producers because they make things that other animals need to keep the ecosystem thriving.

When does the producers energy enter the ecosystem?

The producers energy enter the ecosystem by the heat of the sun.

List 7 producers in an ecosystem?

Tree,grass,carrot plants,grain,berries,algae&fruits.

A list of producers in the forest ecosystem?

shrubs, seeds, grasses, flowers.. Anything that is at the top of the food chain.

What is the main source of energy for producers in an ecosystem?

Sunlight is the main source of energy for producers in an ecosystem.

What are primary producers in a grassland ecosystem?

The grass are the producers

What can be in a ecosystem?

an ecosystem consists of consumers, producers, and decomposers.

What would happen if the producers were removed from the ecosystem?

If producers were removed from an ecosystem there would be no more food web.

How many producers are in an ecosystem?

The Short Answer is: in a balanced, eco-friendly Ecosystem there is an equal number of producers as there exist consumers.

What is the difference between producers and consumers in an ecosystem?

The difference between producers and consumers in an ecosystem is the way that they obtain food. Producers can make their own food, consumers do not.

What are 5 producers in an ocean ecosystem?

kelp, sea grass, algea, phyto plankton, coral

What are most producers niche in an ecosystem?

producers are the base of the food web.

What ecosystem contains 32 percent of the world producers?

terrestrial ecosystem

What do producers affect?

Producers somehow affect - whether directly or indirectly - every organism in their ecosystem. All producers make their own food - either through photosynthesis or chemosynthesis, and the consumers of the ecosystem eat the producers, and other consumers eat those consumers, and eventually every organism in that ecosystem has consumed producers.

Why is photosynthesis important for the ecosystem?


What is the greatest mass in an ecosystem?


What producers of oxygen in an ecosystem?


What is the largest population that an ecosystem?


What are the plants in the forest ecosystem?


What are produsers?

Producers in an ecosystem refers to things that grow and supply food to other organisms. Plants are the common producers in any ecosystem.

Why are producers essential to all ecosystem?

the producers are important to all ecosystem because producers are plants and they make food by their selves and animals eat those to produce energy for it self.

List 5 consumers in a ecosystem?

whale ,shark ,fish,turtles

What are the Different relationships in an ecosystem?

Relationships between an ecosystem::: Producers Consumers And Decomposers

What is a healthy ecosystem?

a healthy ecosystem has the same amout of producers and consumers! ha