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List all the factors of 40 from least to greatest. Enter your answer, using a comma to separate each factor.


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Prime factors are 3 & 5. You should have no difficulty in calculating the composites, if any...

I have the TI-nspire CX (the color one) and I love it! Here's how to factor- Go to the calculator part. Hit the menu button and go to numbers. Here you'll find "factor" click that and enter the number next to the word factors the hit enter again. It'll automatically factor it for you.

To calculate factors using this tool, you will enter positive integers, because the calculator will only allow positive values, to calculate factors of a number. if you need to calculate negative numbers, you enter the positive value, get the factors and duplicate the answer yourself with all the give positive factors as negatives like as -5 and -6 as factors of number 30.

You can enter the US X Factor aged 12. You must be 16 for the UK X Factor.

From www.apples4theteacher.comFactors of 107Please note that 107 is a prime numberThe factors of 107 are:1, 107The prime factors are: 107 is a prime number.Factor SearchEnter the number to be evaluated forfactors and prime factors: The factors of 107 are: 1 107 The prime factors are: 107 is a prime number. If this does not opperate properly, please inprove this answer. For more info, and factor searches and more school items, go to

No, you have to be 16 to enter...

All the smallest factors of a number must be its smallest factor, which for any number is 1, so: loop loop loop print "Enter an integer number: ": input n until num(n) do print "Please enter a number" repeat until n = int(n) do print "Please enter an integer" repeat print "Smallest factor of ":n:" is 1" repeat

Factor the polynomial x2 - 10x + 25. Enter each factor as a polynomial in descending order.

yes ,go on the x-factor website(my friend went on the show)

no, you need to be 16 or over

You have to be 16 to enter X Factor. So No.

991 is a prime and so has no proper factors.

No, a 9 year old cannot enter. The minimum age is 14 years a nd upwards. Sorry, if you are under the age nad wanted to enter the X Factor.

He entered the X-Factor in 2010, when he was 18 years old.

In this example, we will find the greatest common factor of 132 and 500: Press MATH and scroll over to NUM on the top. Scroll down and select option 9, "gcd(". (This stands for greatest common denominator.) Type the first number, followed by a comma, followed by the second number. Then type and ending parenthesis. In this example, you should have: gcd(132,500) Press ENTER. In this example, the answer should be 4.

You can be on the X Factor only after you are 12 years old. In two years from now, i hope to see you there.

go to the xfactor website

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