List number of us employees private sector vs public sector?

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I can't find a combined stat, and BLS, GAO, stats seem to be segmented, but here are a few numbers. I also can't find a reliable number for total civilian military, which means that the following number is understatedl. I'm would think that in addition to these missing numbers, there are many Millions more, that are essentially working for the public sector, but are 'contractors', and so excluded.
This would be a minimum number, of 25 Million. Almost 1 out of 10 per capita.
If using the BLS number of 155M civilian workforce, the 25M number equates to 16% ratio, or 13% of that total. Since there is no public breakdown, and civilians can be and often are employed in the public sector, and as such would be reported by BLS as part of the total available workforce, there is reason to believe that that 13% number is extremely low. If you add in the number private sector jobs directly related to Defense, and those that are NGO's, and private support companies, that ratio would be closer to 1 in 5. One of the links below, shows the costs associated with this expansion of the public sector, and it's effect on the economy, and each individual and family. (Grandfather Report).

2.7 Millon Federal Civilian (US Census 2005)
19.8 Million Local and State (Grandfather Report)
2.3 Active Duty and Reserve Military - (Wiki)
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What is the difference between private sector public sector?

A private sector in an economy is made up of all businesses and firms owned by ordinary members of the general public. It also consist af all the private households in which people lives..,whereas, public sector in an economy is owned and controlled by a government . It consist of government busines ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between private sector and public sector?

in public sector have the government share more then the owner and in private sector have less share of government,owner share is more then from government. like as; public sector-51 share of govt.and 49 share of owner. private sector-51 share of owner and 49 share of govt.

Differences private sector and public sector?

Private Sector are generally small business organizations run by private individuals or groups (not shareholders) and are not listed in the Stock Exchange. Private companies are also unregulated by a federal authority. The Public Sector are companies owned by shareholders and available for public ( Full Answer )

Difference between public and private sector?

Ownership of the public sector of a certain country is shared equally by all citizens of that country. There should be certain laws that specify how does the PS get revenues and how does it spend them, how does it hire & fire employees, lowest and highest possible salaries ...etc. While ownership o ( Full Answer )

Compare and contrast public sector and private sector?

The public sector provides services that would ordinarily be tooexpensive for an individual investor to provide. The private sectoris however open for any producer or investor to provide competitiveservices to make a profit.

Differences between private sector and public sector?

The public sector is jobs run and paid for by the government via taxes. For example teachers and nurses. The private sector is any other job run by a private buisness, like working in a supermarket or resteraunt.

Questionnaire on private and public sector bank?

You can use this for many things. This can help customers choose agood bank, see if a bank is performing correctly, or to ask anyquestions you may have of the bank.

Can a public sector be a private sector?

A public company can become private by having ALL shares in its Stock Exchange purchased by an individual, a small group of investors, or another company that is privately held. "Public" refers to its public accessibility through shareholder trade. "Private" means there are no shareholders or listin ( Full Answer )

What Privacy rights public sector and private sector employees?

Government employees are entitled to equal protection under the Fourth Amendment as private employees are. Public employees' expectations of privacy in their offices, desks, and file cabinets…may be reduced by virtue of actual office practices and procedures, or by legitimate regulation. ( O'Co ( Full Answer )

How many private sector employees?

Sir, I am working at private sector organisation in last 13 years my payment is Rs.8550.00 only no other benefit. can you tell me how much money got to me the gratuity ? ..

Public Sector and The Private Sector?

In PRIVATE SECTOR priorities have been determined by the profit motive whereas in PUBLIC SECTOR priorities have been determined by political process. . PRIVATE SECTOR PR is characterised by more efficient process as compared to PUBLIC SECTOR. . PVT SECTOR provides better services to its public as ( Full Answer )

What is public sector and private sector organization?

A "public sector" organisation is one that is controlled by the government. It is called "public" because the government is responsible to the entire public. An example of a public sector organisation is the Department of Justice, or a police or fire department. A "private sector" organisation is ( Full Answer )

Why is it that the private sector is more efficient than the public sector?

Because the private sector has to be more efficient, because if they're not, they'll go out of business. .  Before jumping to the unwarranted conclusion that the private sector is more efficient than the public sector, you might ask yourself this question: Over the last 110 years, how com ( Full Answer )

What is publice sector and private sector organisation?

The public sector is a part of the state that deals with the delivery of goods and services by and for the government , whether national, regional or local / municipal . . Examples of public sector activity range from delivering social security , administering urban planning and organizing ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the public sector and the private sector?

The public sector includes governmental entities, usually that part of government that provides services to the public (police, fire, military, public education, etc.) The private sector includes all nongovernmental entities --- individuals, businesses, both publicly held businesses and privately he ( Full Answer )

What were advantage of public and private sector?

In the public sector, costs are spread out between the entire population (through taxes) which can be advantageous to a person who is receiving help from the government (ie. welfare or other social assistance programs). In the private sector, cost and efficiency is generally better. Since private f ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the public and private sectors?

The public sector is property of the public and governed by the Constitution of which it operates under. Whatever constitutional restraints are placed upon government officials are restraints in effect while in the public sector. Outside of the public sector is the private sector and here the Consti ( Full Answer )

What is the difference in private sector and public sector?

Public Sector = Government regulated organizations owned by shareholders as listed through a stock exchange. "Public" because of the access available for public purchase or trade shares. Private Sector = Privately owned companies (mostly small businesses) run by an individual or small group inste ( Full Answer )

Public Sector Vs Private Sector?

Over 22 million public sector union workers are not paying for obamacare. (paid by taxes). The public sector unions' retirement and healthcare is paid for by taxpayers. ANOTHER THING: Although public sector wages are, on average, 44% more in wages and benefits, THEY will bargain to maintain that dis ( Full Answer )

Why does the private sector generate more revenue than the public sector?

Because the private sector is entirely geared towards creating revenue at the cost of anything else. By contrast, revenue-gathering is not a concern for the public sector, while spending any money that would otherwise be revenue in useful ways is a major concern.

Why private bank sector are performing better than public bank sector?

Private Sector banks are owned by individuals or a group of individuals who can take policy and business decisions quickly/easily when compared to public sector banks where policy decisions have to be approved by the government of India. Hence private sector bank are able to offer attractive plans a ( Full Answer )

What is private-sector and public sector?

In the US: The private sector refers to all companies without shareholders nor listing on the federal stock exchange. Generally the private sector belongs to small business groups as run by private individuals or a small group and unregulated by federal authority. The public sector refers to a ( Full Answer )

What are the 20 differences between private sector and public sector?

The difference between public and private sector is how they can invest their surplus cash private you will have to ask the shareholders public there are laws and regulations which you have to comply to private you may invest in high risk as well as low risk public is generally low risk - laws w ( Full Answer )

How are the public and private sectors similar?

There are very few similarities. The public sector and the private sector are similar in the fact that they both employ people. They are different, by design, in order to prevent dictatorships and to provide freedom to be creative. Example: In the private sector, the people are allowed t ( Full Answer )

Why is the private sector more efficient than the public sector in terms of poverty reduction?

While it may seem that the private sector is more efficient, the answer is actually ambiguous. Many studies in the 70s and 80s pointed to this efficiency in the private sector, but new studies (with the addition of new data from across the world) are showing there is actually little difference betwe ( Full Answer )

Difference between private sector public sector?

Public sector sports provision is that supplied by (usually local) government and includes such things as the local swimming baths, tennis courts in the local recreation ground, council football pitches, trim trails, community use of schools etc. The aim is to ensure that facilities in the local are ( Full Answer )

Why private sector bank is better than public sector bank?

Private sector banks are better than public sector banks in the following aspects: . They are more customer friendly and customer oriented. If they don't get customers they go out of business (Unlike public sector banks that would stay in business anyway because they are owned and run by the gover ( Full Answer )

What is the term used when a public sector business is bought by a private individual?

When a Public Sector Enterprise (majority share owned by government) is taken over by a private individual or private organization, it is called 'Divestment'. In fact, Private Companies do not 'buy out' public sector companies. They can do so only if a government decides to 'divest' its stake and ra ( Full Answer )

What is role of public and private sector in tourism?

The public and private sector helps in promotion of tourism of the particular country. This is through their promotion of local products and services that the possible tourists need during their visit.

Is icici bank a private sector or public sector?

ICICI Bank is a private sector bank. ICICI Bank is India's largest private sector bank and is one of the top 5 big banks in the country. It has around 2000 branches across the country and serves millions of customers.

Is the eurostar in the private or public sector?

Public Sector. Eurostar International Limited, the company that runs the Eurostaris a joint-venture between the SNCF - French National Train Company(55%), LCR - British National Train Company (40%) and NMBS/SNCB -Belgian National Train Company (5%). Since all three of thesecompanies are government- ( Full Answer )

Why employees resign from government post to private sectors?

Better pay and working conditions. Governments have become known asa choice employment pool for the private sector because governmentscan't compete with the salaries or the benefits offered in manyareas of the private sector. This is common knowledge within the government sector, but not sowell kno ( Full Answer )