Local foreign biologist 5?

Charles Darwin-(1809-1882) England- Evolutionist famous for his theory 'survival of the fittest' Gregor Mendel-(1822-1884)Czech Republic- Genetics, botanist who discovered 'inherited traits' by cross-breeding pea plants Louis Pasteur- (1822-1895) France- Microbiologist who created 'pasteurization' (a process that kills microbes via heat) Roger W Sperry (1913-1994), America- neuropsychologist, winner of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research on the split-brain Robert Hooke-(1635-1703) England - Cytologist who researched cells and actually coined the term 'cell." He also invented the reflecting microscope Anton van Leeuwenhoek-(1632-1723) Holland Cytologist who invented various single lens microscopes and discovered various microbes (protists) Carolus Linnaeus- (1707-1778) Sweden Father of Taxonomy Jane Goodall (1934- present) England- ethologist who studied Chimp behavior- lead authority in primatology John James Audobon (1785-1851) Santo Domingo- ornithologist and inspiration of the Audobon Society- An organization whose goal is the research and protection of bird species

Herman August Hagen- (1817-1893), Germany entomologist who worked with neuroptera and odonata (dragonflies)

Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852-1934) Spain- the 'father' of neuroscience

Austin Roberts (1883-1948), South Africa -zoologist and ornithologist

George Sars (1837-1927) Norway -Marine biologist and a pioneer for fisheries science who researched cod populations Floyd Zaiger ( 1926-present ) America Fruit geneticist who created hybrids such as the 'pluot and aprium' Mriganka Sur 1953-present ) India cognitive neuroscientist who researched


Henry Suter- (1841-1918) New Zealand zoologist, naturalist and palaeontologist and malacologist