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Q: Location and vector how they are Related?
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How is vector and location related?

They are not alike bcuz r u frekin stoopid lol

What is the military term for location?

i believe the military term for location is vector

What are the practical applications of vector spaces?

Communication, navigation and Location, Location and location. ( space, terrestrial and atomic).

Why vector is called free vector?

A vector that is not a positional vector (or directly related) is equivalent to another vector of the same magnitude and direction wherever else in space it may be located. Since it is "free" to be located anywhere, it is called a free vector.

What is a related word for vector?

DirectionTrajectoryCoursePathDirectionTrajectoryCoursePathDirectionTrajectoryCoursePathDirectionTrajectoryCoursePathforce acceleration momentum velocity

How is Canada's climate related to its northerly location?

How is Canada's climate related to its northerly location?

How are speed and motion related terms?

Speed is a scalar, motion (or velocity) is a vector.

How is Canada's related to it's northerly location?

How is Canada's climate related to its northerly location?

How do you calculate average error vector?

The error vector magnitude is measured by an specialized equipment that closely resembles a demodulator. The receiving points of the demodulator calculates the distance the points are from the ideal location.

The location of an object at an instant in time is called its?

position or displacement it depends on whether you are considering it a vector or a scalar

What is triangulation how is it used to determine location?

You need three liner measurements to locate anything in space, which the measurements share a vector. and from these measurements you can trianguate the location of anything.

What are the opinons on vector?

In the related links box below, I posted a link that says so.