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1.5 miles or so
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What is the worth of a Stevens crack shot 22 long rifle?

Answer . \nGreetings! The value of any fire arm can vary significantly based on several factors. First and most important is the condition. A Stevens C S R in excelent condition can be worth up to $450.00. On the other hand the same gun on poor condition could fetch as little as $50.00 to $100.00 ( Full Answer )

What model of savage makes a great long distance rifle or varmit rifle?

The savage model 99 in caliber 250 savage is a great long distance shooter. Also, Check on other calibers such as 308 Winchester good out to 1000 yards and 300 win mag which can go even further. Types and weights of bullets really make a difference Also.

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms and Tool 22 long rifle patent 1913 that says Crack Shot 26?

Answer . \nAny of the Stevens Boy's Rifles, including the #26 Crack Shot, are very rarely found in excellent condition. Only makes sense considering how the guns were marketed. Any Crack Shot in original excellent condition would easily sell for $400 or more, but guns in typical condition for ( Full Answer )

What can you shot with a air rifle?

squrriel rabbit little birds nothing fancy maybe a coyote depending on what your shooting.. i have taken several rabbits with my .177 air rifle but they are best suited for pop cans and such.

How long should a 308 sniper rifle barrel be FOR SHOTS AT 300 TO 310 YARDS?

Adequate shots can be made at that range with barrels as short as 16", but the longer the barrel the higher the muzzle velocity and the better the performance at range. Generally speaking, a rifle designated as a "sniper" rifle won't have a barrel length less than 22" or longer than 26", though ther ( Full Answer )

A rifle is shot straight up and the bullet leaves the barrel at a speed of 245 ms How long will it take the bullet to hit the ground?

We're going to ignore air resistance. Time the bullet spends on the way up = 245/9.8 seconds Time it spends on the way down to the same elevation as the muzzle = another 245/9.8 seconds Total time to return to the elevation of the muzzle = (2 x 245 / 9.8) = 50 seconds . From there, we ( Full Answer )

What shot is in the air rifle?

The most common ammo is the .177 BB or .177 pellet. However some pellets come in 20cal, 22cal, 25cal and the larger 45 and 50 cal pellets. That are used in the big bore PCP Air Rifles.

What information is available about a Winchester single shot 22 Short Long and Long Rifle Model 02A Patented August 29 1898?

Approximately 640,000 of these little bolt action .22's were made between 1902 and 1931. Like many inexpensive .22's, they were not serial-numbered, so there is no way to know precisely what year yours was made. They had a gumwood stock and no buttplate, and sold for $6. If yours is in good conditio ( Full Answer )

What is the best caliber for long distance shots?

There is no one single best caliber, but to get an answer, you need to be a little more specific. Rifle or handgun? Define long distance. 50 yards? 100 yards? 1000 yards?

How does a man fall when he is shot by a rifle?

Not having ever seen a man shot, but having shot my share of dear--a generally man-sized target--he would likely fall in the direction the bullet was travelling. Of course this will depend entirely on the caliber of the weapon, the grain and materiel of the bullet (full metal jacket, soft tip, hollo ( Full Answer )

Will shot percentage change do to shot distance?

Obviously the further away from the basket you are, the higher the degree of difficulty. Therefore lowering your odds in making the shot. Was this a serious question?

A rifle is shot perfectly horizontal how long will it take the bullet to hit the ground if nothing ever comes in the way?

If you were to drop a bullet at the same moment the rifle bullet is fired, both ought to strike the ground simultaneously. The reason is because the downward force of gravity acts the same on each, whereas a bullet fired towards the ground would enjoy an initial velocity boost, and one fired above t ( Full Answer )

Can a 22 cal long rifle shell be shot in a 22mag rev?

It depends... some revolvers are specifically made with two separate cylinders. To give you an example, my 1962 vintage Ruger Single-Six as a cylinder for 22 Magnum and one for 22 Long Rifle.. If the revolver you are referring to only has a 22 Magnum cylinder, then No, you can not safely shoot 22 L ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to prepare a single shot rifle?

Your question is too vague. Are you talking about loading? Are you talking about a muzzel loader? If this is the case, an experienced person can take between 30 and 60 seconds if a Flintlock and a little faster if it is a cap and ball.

How much is a Harrington and Richardson 22 long rifle ctg special 9 shot semi automatic worth?

H&R did not make a .22 semiautomatic pistol. The Model 25 and Model 32 were in .25 ACP and .32 ACP calibers. They were "automatic" revolvers, but automatic refers to a method of ejecting fired casings, not semiautomatic function. If you can repost with all markings and a full description, will try t ( Full Answer )

Daisy model 2001 22cal long rifle single shot with octagon barrel?

I believe you are asking about a model 2201, this is one of about six different 22 Cal rifles that Daisy made. The model 2201 had a Walnut Stock while the 2211 had a Synthetic stock. Daisy no longer makes regular weapons. They still make pellet and BB guns.

Crack shot - 26 22 long rifle looking for new barrel?

It is not likely you will find a "new" barrel for these- the Stevens Crackshot went out of production a LONG time ago (one reference says they were made 1899-1910, another says 1913-1939). You MAY be able to find a "new" used barrel- a couple of POSSIBLE sources are wisnersinc.com, and gunpartscorp. ( Full Answer )

Can sherrifs personaly own ar15 assault rifle as long as there single shot?

Anyone who can legally possess a firearm in the USA can own an AR-15 Rifle provided that he files the required papers and documents which vary depending on where the person resides. There are additional papers to file and federal fees to pay if the particular rifle is capable of operating in a fully ( Full Answer )

What model of rifle makes a great long distance rifle?

Kinda depends on how long of a distance you had in mind. The Remington 700 is a great rifle, and, depending on cartridge, it can reach out and touch something at 1000 metres. If you need to go further than that, a .50 rifle, like the MacMillan Tac-50, Barret M82, Barret M95, etc. might be more to yo ( Full Answer )

How long is the time period between 2 shots of a bolt action rifle?

However long it takes you to reload Normally 10 shots per minutes - 6 seconds between rounds, but this varies with circumstance and skill. During First World War, the British using the Lee Enfield .303 with a 10 shot clip had what was called a "mad minute" during attacks and fired 30 rounds - 2 s ( Full Answer )

Is there a picture of a Single shot ctg 22 long rifle?

There have been hundreds of different single shot .22 rifles made over that past 100 years. These have traditionally been a "first firearm" for many young shooters. The link below will take to to a photo of one of the popular single shot .22s. If you have questions, you can contact me through my mes ( Full Answer )

Where was the biggest whitetail deer shot in Ohio with a long rifle?

The largest muzzleloader deer by antler score were killed in Highland County, Ohio but I do not think any of the top scored bucks were taken with traditional longrifle, I believe the hunters were using modern inline muzzleloaders from the photos I have seen.

How is a rifle shot?

It differs slightly based on WHICH rifle- but in general- a cartridge of ammunition is placed in the chamber, and the action closed. Rifle is pulled into one shoulder, and supported by the opposite hand (right shoulder, left hand holding) The safety is placed in the off position. The front and rear ( Full Answer )

Are rifles and shot guns the same?

no, a rife shoots 1 projectile and the barrel has spiral grooves in it which are known as rifling. A shotgun shoots multiple projectiles at a time, and the barrel is smooth.

Is it illegal to shot a rifle in your backyard?

Depending on where you live, it may be. The fact that it's "your property" doesn't matter, you still have to abide by city ordinances unless there's a specific exception for private property.

How long could a Kentucky rifle shot?

The Kentucky Long-Rifle is a quasi-category of long-barrelmuzzle-loading rifles, rather than one particular make and model.This introduces factors such as varying bore and velocity, so anexact answer cannot be derived. How far a rifle can shoot accurately also depends heavily upon theskill of the m ( Full Answer )

What is a single shot rifle?

It is a firearm with a shoulder stock, rifled barrel, and holds only one cartridge. It must be reloaded each time it is fired.

What is the value of a single shot 22 long rifle octagon barrel dated may 3 1864?

Well, there are a couple of problems here. First, the value of ANYgun is based on the exact make, model and condition. You have givenus NONE of the three things we need- and we do need all three.Second, the 22 LR cartridge was not created until 1887- so it isimpossible to have a .22 LR firearm dated ( Full Answer )