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Looking for a diagram of the catalytic converter - exhaust system on a 1988 f250 the exhaust was customized to have two pipes going into one catalytic converter do you need two for emissions?


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2006-04-15 14:11:44
2006-04-15 14:11:44

Actually it probably wasn't customised. That is how they were made. The two sides go together right at the cat converter. There is a four bolt flange at the interface between the crossover pipes and the cat.


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The catalytic converter is located underneath the vehicle in the first half of the exhaust, like a big bulge looking piece

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the answer u are looking for . a stopped up catalytic converter will not let the engine 2 create a vacume that cause your problem . it needs air flow to breath p.s yes it can and will

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Catalytic converters contain something called platinum or rhodium or palladium flakes. Here is a quote from the Related Link: "Catalytic converter -- an integral part of vehicle emission control systems since 1975. Oxidizing converters remove hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide (CO) from exhaust gases, while reducing converters control nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Both use noble metal (platinum, palladium or rhodium) catalysts that can be 'poisoned' by lead compounds in the fuel or lubricant."

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I don't know about the catalytic converter (typically Rangers -at least the 4.0L V6 has 2 catalytic converters). But for the rest of the exhaust system : with 2 prebend pipes, gaskets and the muffler, you are looking at anywhere from $ 361 to $ 457.00 as of Dec 15, 2011. - it also depends on the shop who does the work. Hope this helps.

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Sensor 1 (before the catalytic converter) adjusts the fueling based on sensing if the engine is burning fuel rich or lean. The post-converter sensor detects if the converter is operating properly by looking for a difference in readings

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