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Actually it probably wasn't customised. That is how they were made. The two sides go together right at the cat converter. There is a four bolt flange at the interface between the crossover pipes and the cat.

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Q: Looking for a diagram of the catalytic converter - exhaust system on a 1988 f250 the exhaust was customized to have two pipes going into one catalytic converter do you need two for emissions?
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Where is the catalytic converter on a 04 grand Cherokee located?

The catalytic converter is located underneath the vehicle in the first half of the exhaust, like a big bulge looking piece

My 1997 Probe transmission seems to slip and revs high and stays high only when engine is hot Code comes up as bad catalytic converter Can a faulty catalytic converter mimic transmission problems?

the answer u are looking for . a stopped up catalytic converter will not let the engine 2 create a vacume that cause your problem . it needs air flow to breath p.s yes it can and will

What are the gold looking flakes inside a Ford diesel catalytic converter?

Catalytic converters contain something called platinum or rhodium or palladium flakes. Here is a quote from the Related Link: "Catalytic converter -- an integral part of vehicle emission control systems since 1975. Oxidizing converters remove hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide (CO) from exhaust gases, while reducing converters control nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Both use noble metal (platinum, palladium or rhodium) catalysts that can be 'poisoned' by lead compounds in the fuel or lubricant."

How much does it cost for a muffler and catalytic converter on a ford ranger?

I don't know about the catalytic converter (typically Rangers -at least the 4.0L V6 has 2 catalytic converters). But for the rest of the exhaust system : with 2 prebend pipes, gaskets and the muffler, you are looking at anywhere from $ 361 to $ 457.00 as of Dec 15, 2011. - it also depends on the shop who does the work. Hope this helps.

Does your 1999 Dodge Intrepid need a catalytic converter?

Yes; in fact, they have 2. The catalytic converters on the intrepid are right below the exhaust manifolds. You can get to them by going under the car and looking up right under the engine.

What is the working principle of oxygen analyzer?

Sensor 1 (before the catalytic converter) adjusts the fueling based on sensing if the engine is burning fuel rich or lean. The post-converter sensor detects if the converter is operating properly by looking for a difference in readings

Where is catalytic converter located on Honda Civic?

Located in the middle underneath the car. Square looking with ridges. It'll have a pipe on either end connected.

Where is bank 1 sensor 1 located Nissan xterra 2000?

If you're looking at the motor from its relative back-side, Bank 1 refers to the left cylinder bank, Bank 2 refers to the right side, Sensor 1 is pre-catalytic converter and Sensor 2 is post-catalytic converter.

How many catalytic converter on a Chevy S10?

you have one catalytic converter and then you have a resonator in front of the catalytic converter! if you are looking to remove the catalytic converter just purchase a magnaflow universal with the part number 94105 and some 2 1/4" clamps or weld them on if you are looking for a professional style installand another little thing for you to know! if you have a 4.3 that is 1998 or newer take your air-box out and look into the MAF sensor and the little honeycomb cover that slows down air... well just punch it out with a screwdriver and there you go! 15hp boost and 1-2mpg betterjust be careful on the sensor because if you hit one of the prongs you are screwed...and be careful on your catalytic converter because the oxygen sensor is directly behind it so i recommend using WD40 and letting the bolt soak overnight for easy removal and be careful to remove the plug that sits on the frame for the 02 sensor because if you aren't you are looking at a 40 dollar replacement... or just do like me... straight pipes and a dummy sensor

Where is the engine number located on the Ford Escape?

Looking up from oil filter and catalytic converter as the place to look from the number is stamped on the edge. Torch is needed.

How do you know if your catalytic converter on a Chevrolet 1998 truck is bad when you get check engine light?

Its a better bet that your O2 sensor is fouled and/or needs replaced. You can go to AUTOZONE and have it tested for free. There are two; one in front of the sensor (this is the one to have tested), and a second between the catalytic converter and muffler. Don't make the mistake (sigh....) of finding that the sensor is bad and replacing the wrong one. The one in front of the catalytic converter is a bear to replace (usually) and if you've not replaced it, that's probably a good place to start. If that sensor is OK, test the back one. If both are OK, then you're looking at the converter. Good luck!

Do mufflers go in back or front of car?

Normally, the muffler will be in the back of the car. If you are looking towards the front, or upstream from the muffler, then you should see 1 or possibly 2 catalytic converter(s).

Where is the catalytic converter on a 2003 Toyota Echo?

lift up the car , standing underneath it it is the first barrel looking thing in the exhaust. You will notice an O2 sensor (with wires attached) immediately before AND after the cat.

I am looking for the exhaust pipe that runs from the manifold to the catalytic converter for a 1987 ford crown vic. Do you have these parts available or know where i might be able to find them or have them made?

carries these old parts 1A

Where is a diagram of location of o2 sensor on a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

You should have 2 O2 Sensors, one in front of the Catalytic converter, and on after. You shuold see both by just looking under the Jeep

How much will it cost to change the catalitic converter in a 1998 acura?

i just replaced the catalytic converter in my 98 cl. I bought a brand new universal converter for $200 and about $50 on a couple sensors that got messed up, you can buy converters at junk yards for cheaper but i couldn't find any. if you need labour done as well your looking at about 350-400 bucks, i installed myself though

Where do you start looking for the problem if an 89 Accord with 190 thousand miles emits NO compounds at double what will pass?

1) clogged EGR ports--might have to be cleaned 2) check engine timing is in spec 3) make sure car is not overheating 4) catalytic converter 1) clogged EGR ports--might have to be cleaned 2) check engine timing is in spec 3) make sure car is not overheating 4) catalytic converter

Where is the location of starter for 1999 Chrysler 300m?

The starter is located under the motor on the drivers side...if you're looking at it from under the car (which is where you'll need to be) it will be to the right and back of the catalytic converter. There are two silver pipes that run right by it...

What website offers customized new laptops?

Sony is a wonderful website to shop on when looking for a new customized laptop. They are a very reputable brand, and the prices are not outrageous.

Where is the EGR valve on 95 Honda Del Sol?

There is no egr valve on a 95 Honda del sol. I looked all over mine and on the internet, no egr valve. If your emissions are screwed up replace the catalytic converter and have a pro check your timing. Most of the time it is your cat. I am still looking for the answers to bad gas mileage, hard to determine why but many del sols lose that good gas mileage for no apparent reason.

Where is the starter located on 2002 Chrysler Sebring?

I'm looking up this site to see how to get the starter out. It is located in front center of the engine above the front motor mount. You can see it from under the car looking up between the front catalytic converter and the engine block. Good luck getting to it.

Where is O2 Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 2 in a 1998 Acura 3.2 TL?

Either behind the catalytic converter (canister looking thing under the body of the car) or in the other manifold..i have a 2.5 not sure if 3.2 has 2 manifolds

What does it mean when my car gets loud only when i accelerate?

Normally an exhaust system fault. A blown silencer |(muffler) or catalytic converter or a cracked or broken pie or joint. If it is just on acceleration I would start by looking where the exhaust meets the manifold.