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bithbhuan mo ghradh

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"Gaol a-nis agus gu bràth.

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Q: Love now and forever in scottish Gaelic?
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Grรก anois agus go deo?

In Irish Gaelic it means 'Love now and forever'.

How do you say now in scottish Gaelic?

a-nis [anish]

What Scottish Gaelic word starts with x?

X is not a traditional letter in Scottish Gaelic but is now used in some loan-words such as 'x-ghathach' (x-ray).

What is the translation for Gra anois agus deo?

gra anois agus go deo means Love, Now and Forever.

What is Mar sinn an drasta?

It's Gaelic -- probably what was meant was "Mar sin leibh an-drasta" which means "Goodbye, for now". "Mar sin leibh" = "Goodbye" + "an-drasta" = "for now". This is in Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig), not Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge)

Where does the name McDougal come from?

The name McDougal is of Scottish origin. It is derived from the Gaelic name "Mac Dubhghaill" which means "son of Dubhghall" or "son of the dark stranger". The name was commonly found among the Scottish clans in the Highlands and is now a relatively common surname.

Can you say my name is in Scottish?

Scottish is not a language. I think you are looking for Gaelic. It is a more or less an obsolete language now. The only people who speak regularly are up in the Scottish highlands, and even most of them speak English most of the time.

How close is Irish Gaelic to Scottish Gaelic?

Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic are closely related and share many similarities, but they are not identical. They have slightly different pronunciation, vocabulary, and usage. However, speakers of one of these languages can generally understand the other with some effort and familiarity.

What is Gaelic translation for maeve?

The Irish Gaelic spelling for 'Maeve' is Meadhbh, now modernized as Méabh.

I love you yeah yeah now and for ever?

This lyrics is from the Kiss song 'Forever'.

What language was once spoken in Irelan?

The original language of Ireland is "Gaelic" but it almost became a dead language until it was brought back to Irish schools. They speak English as their primary language now and Gaelic as a secondary one. The language is called the "Irish language" in Ireland in preference to "Gaelic" which can, and often does, refer to Scottish Gaelic.

I love you now and forever in Italian?

ti amo ora e per sempre