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Love someone who is in love with someone else?

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This is a very unpleasant place to be. Believe me you are not alone. This has happened to literally millions of people who may or may not be like you. So try not to feel to alone in this situation.

As painful as this is, let them go. Do yourself a favor and try to move on as soon as possible. Do what you need to do in order to deal with the emotions of letting go. Once you have done this you will feel alot better.

This may not sound like much, but you have choices to make, and I am sure you will make the right choice for yourself.

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If boy love someone else how he can love you?

Romantic love is exclusive, if he loves someone else he cannot love you. If he claims to love you both then he is lying to both of you.

What is true love and how do you know that are in love?

When someone sees God through someone else, that is called true love. When you would sacrifice yourself to someone else you are in love.

You love a girl but she can't love you?

why cant she love you she have moved on Answer You either love someone or you don't. I don't know why someone can't love someone else. Do you mean she doesn't love you? No one can stop someone else from feeling love if that is what they feel so saying someone can't love you does not make sense to me.

Can love for someone feel different from a love you had for someone else?


You love someone who is going out with someone else?

I have something like this,when someone is in love with someone else you can't change his-her mind,because she-he love somebody else & don't love you & don't think about you & this is better you forget him-her,because ever & ever you think about him-her but he-she does not has any feel about you & your love to him-her.

What do you do if you love ex and doesn't love you back and he is with someone else already?

forget him and find someone else

How do you love a love that loves someone you love and that someone loves you but couldn't holdit and now that person that you love loves the person that you love?

Wait let me get this straight. You love someone. That someone loves someone else. But that someone else loves you. Then, that someone else fell out of love with you and fell in love with the person you love, which is someone. So you're asking how do you love someone that's mutually in love with someone else? Well. I don't know. You just love them. You just can't let them go if it's a real love. But if you're annoyed of it, you can go and try to get over it by find someone else -- or move to another state xD you can also try to steal that someone so that he or she can love you. or you can do what 87% of people who are in your situation do and just stay with them and act like everythings okay-- but of course you would be completely hurt. Your choice

What should you do if you feel that the guy you love is also with someone else?

If your guy is in love with someone else, cut your losses and move on. You can't make someone love you if they don't.

Which is more blessed to love someone or to be loved by someone else?

is to love some one especially, when he does not love you.

When someone says they love you but there going out with someone else do they really love you?


What should you do when you know the one you love doesn't love you?

love someone else

When you say someone is in love with being in love what does it mean?

That mean thats someone is enjoying loving itself and the fact that they love someone else they love it

What do you do if you're in a relationship and you love that person but you are also in love with someone else?

You can't be in love with someone else. You pick one, and thats the girl you pick.

What do you do when you love someone in love with someone else but that you know they are deeply in love with you?

Just be there for that person and be a friend and your time will come

What i got to do to make you love me?

There is nothing that you can do to make someone else love you, in the true sense of the word. Love is something that comes, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but love based on what you do for someone else is not really love.

Is it possible to love someone but be in love with someone else is it right or wrong?

sure of course

What is the Meaning of give love and get love?

its mean that if you give love to someone else they will give love back to you.

How to get over someone you love?

You can never really get over someone you love. It's just sometimes you have too and there is someone else out there who will love you again.

What do you do if your in love with a boy but someone else is to and the boy likes that girl?

You either move on and find someone else that's gonna appreciate you and love just as much as you do or you fight for who you love. Love is a battlefield. But remember that you can't make someone love you if they don't want to.

How do you love someone with depression?

The same way you love anyone else

Why does she not love you?

she loves someone else

Is your girlfriend in love with someone else?


You are in love with someone who is now in love with someone else how do you get over him?

You should find another lover.

When does a woman know she is in love?

when you love someone you can tell but when you're IN love everyone else can tell

What is love like?

Love is when some one and someone else love each other. :D