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What is the spanish word of music lover?

Music lover = Amante de música

How do you say lover in spanish?


How do you say your lover in Spanish?

Tu amante.

How do you you say your lover in spanish?

Su amante

How do you say lover boy in spanish?


How do you say I am a lover in spanish?

Soy amante.

How do you say my secret lover in spanish?

amante secreto

How do you say hot lover in Spanish?

Caliente amante

How do say lover in Spanish?

Enamorado. Querido. Amador.

How do you say bubble lover in spanish?

burbuja amante.

What is you are my lover in spanish?

tu eres mi amor

What is 'amante de la mina' when translated from Spanish to English?

"Lover from the mine," "lover of the mine," and "mine-lover" are English equivalents of the Spanish phrase amante de la mina. The pronunciation of the prepositional phrase will be "a-MAN-tey they la MEE-na" in Spanish.

How do you say in your dreams lover boy in spanish?

In your dreams, lover boy = ¡En tus sueños, muchacho amante!

How do you say monkey lover in spanish?

amante del mono

How do you say my gorgeous lover in spanish?

Mi guapísimo(a) amante

How do you say 'mistress' in spanish?

You can use amante which means lover in English.Or amante secreto for secret lover.

What is the spanish word for lover?

'Amante' is a Spanish equivalent of 'lover' in the sense of another person. It's pronounced 'ah-MAHN-teh'. The word 'aficionado' is an equivalent in terms of a 'lover' of a sport, for example. It's pronounced 'ah-fee-syoh-NAH-thoh'.

How do you say 'later lover' in Spanish?

Último, a amante

What does amador mean in Spanish?

It means Lover That's my last name

What was the spanish word for music lover?

amante de la música

How do you say my big lover in Spanish?

My big lover is translated to, 'Mi gran amante' My great love, is translated to, 'Mi gran amor'

What are the words 'my lover' when translated from English to Spanish?

mi amante

How do you say you are the perfect lover in spanish?

Eres el/la amante perfecto(a).

How do you say bye-bye lover in spanish?

I know that you say bye bye ciao ciao but i dont know how to say lover sry

How do you say my lost lover in Spanish?

"My lost lover" is translated as "mi amante perdido", but the mosy common phrase is "mi amor perdido" (my lost love).

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