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Can get someone to help you. Get customer support on the website or buy the game again.

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Q: MY NBA live 2008 is not working properlywhat to do?
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Which psp game is better NBA live 2007 NBA live 2008 or NBA live 2009?

nba live 2008 is good and nba live 2007 but nba live 2009 not that good

NBA live 2008 key gen?

nba live 2008 keys

When was NBA Gametime Live created?

NBA Gametime Live was created in 2008-10.

Nba live 2008?

Is a game.

Is NBA- live 2008 compatible with windows 7?


What actors and actresses appeared in NBA Live 09 - 2008?

The cast of NBA Live 09 - 2008 includes: Marv Albert as Commentator Steve Kerr as Commentator

Where can you download NBA live 2008 demo?

You can download it at xbox live or playstation network for free

When NBA live 09 coming out?

It comes out October 2008 probably by the mid-october

How do you get good at NBA Live 2008 PlayStation Two?

Play it alot and you'll get good.

You just completed a dynasty season 2008-2009 on NBA Live 2009 After winning the championship how do you continue on to season 2009-2010?

You can't. You will just have to wait for NBA Live 2010.

When will the NBA live 09 released in ps2?

There's a probability that it will be released in october or November 2008.

How do you create players on nba live 2008?

You can create a player under rosters in the main menu.