Mad in espanol

Updated: 12/13/2022
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enojado(a) is angry.

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Q: Mad in espanol
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How do say sweet in espanol?

"Dulce" is "sweet" in Espanol.

What is the answer to hablas espanol?

si, yo hablo espanol

What does espanol mean in english?

Spanish (un) espanol = (a) Spaniard

How tall is Scott Espanol?

Scott Espanol is 5' 10".

How do I say no espanol?

no hablo español = I don't speak Spanish no soy espanol = I am not Spanish (tilde, ~, over 'n' in espanol')

Which country does the language espanol belong to?

The language espanol belong to Spain

What nicknames does Scott Espanol go by?

Scott Espanol goes by Scotty.

What is hablos espanol mean?

hablas espanol = (do) you speak spanish

Me gusta hablar espanol?

Me gusta hablor espanol means I like to speak spanish.

How do you say don't speak espanol in spanish?

No hablo espanol (Pronounced: 'naw ablaw esspanYOL')

What does kein abla espanol mean?

QUIEN HABLA Espanol who speaks Spanish

Como se dice fixture en espanol?

Accesorio es fixture en espanol