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The Southbridge chip is one of two chips that control the functions of the chipset.

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Q: Main function of southbridge
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What is the function of southbridge chipset?

the main function of southbridge chipset, it is the one that control the video control

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Main function of southbridge chipset?

The southbridge is a chip that connects thenorthbridge to other components inside the computer, including hard drives, network connections,USB and Firewire devices, the system clock, and standard PCI cards. The southbridge sends and receives data from the CPU through the northbridge chip, which is connected directly to the computer'sprocessor.

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What is the function of motherboard south bridge?

Is a chip that implements the "slower" capabilities of the motherboard in a northbridge/southbridge chipset computer architecture.

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What does a southbridge do in a computer motherboard?

The purpose of the Southbridge chip is to help with communication between the CPU and other devices such as PCI, ISA and the IDE. Locating the Southbridge can be challenging when trying to replace chip.

Indentify the functions of the northbridge and southbridge chipsets on a motherboard?

The Southbridge chipset manages onboard peripheral devices The Northbridge chipset manages communication between the CPU, memory, and the Southbridge chipset

Beginning with the Intel I800 chipset what are the two main chips of the chipset called?

Beginning with the Intel 1800 chipset, there are two main chips of the chipset. These are called the Northbridge and the Southbridge.

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