Major branches of science

Updated: 9/11/2023
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the two major branches of science are biological science and natural science. these two are divided into many branches.

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What are the major of science

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Q: Major branches of science
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What are the different major branches of science?

There are many different branches of science like Biology or Chemistry. Physics and Anatomy are also major branches of science.

Enumerate the three major branches and?

enumerate the three major branches of subranches of science

Enumerate and explain the major branches of biology?

enumerate the branches of science

What are the three major classification of the branches of science?

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What are the major branches of physics?

Chemistry, physics, earth science are the major braches of physical science.

What are the 3 major branches of science?

Physical Science Life Science Earth&Space Science

What is the three major branches of natural science?

Physical, Earth, and Life science

What are the five major branches of science?

biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science, and astronomy

What are the three major branches of natural science?

The best answer is PHYSICAL, EARTH, and LIFE science.

The 2 major branches of physical science are?

Physics and Chemistry

What is the major branches o science?

chemistry, physics, biology and maths.

What is the difference between environmentalism science and environmentalism science?

The difference is that environmental science is just one of the many branches, or sub-categories of science. Think of science as the tree and one of its major branches is Earth Sciences, and branching from that, environmental science.