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Man made object that travels faster than light?



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Currently, there really isn't anything that can move faster than the speed of light, man-made nor natural, possibly not even alien. In theory, warp drives would work, but would require enormous amounts of fuel, which we currently do not have. Also, in order to move faster than the speed of light, you would have to accelerate some constantly to move at the speed of light. The faster something travels, the harder it is to move it faster. Consider this: If you are pushing a stroller with, lets say, a Rubik's Cube inside it, then continue to push it faster and it will be increasingly harder and harder to accelerate the item. Soon you'll be pushing a car, then a skyscraper, soon the mass of the moon and then the mass of the sun and whatnot. Which means the faster an object moves, the more mass it has and the more force it will require to accelerate it. Now, at the speed of light, the object would be at infinite mass, therefore infinite force, to continue to push it, which does not exist in a finite universe.