Management by walking around

Updated: 12/22/2022
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management by walking around is all about learning from every situation and manage it accordingly.

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Q: Management by walking around
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Distinguish between management by objective and management by walking around?

Motivating the workforce by providing each level of management, and often employees as well, with specific objectives. Performance is then measured against the objectives selected. While management by walking around is a hands-on style of management based on regularly walking around to speak to, question, and listen to employees, and to learn more about work processesThis question can be easily confusing, Management by Objective does not compete with MBWA (Management by walking around). In fact, you can easily be applying MBWA in an MBO environment. Management By Walking Around is just a style, where the manager chats with the employees a bit on their desk, gathers some information, gives some advice, etc...

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