Manny Ramirez furthest home run

Updated: 10/21/2022
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On June 23, 2001, off Chris Michalak at Fenway Park, 501 FEET!!!!

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Q: Manny Ramirez furthest home run
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What year did Manny Ramirez beat Babe Ruth's home run record?

Didn't know Ramirez ever beat a Babe Ruth home run record. What record do you think he beat?

In his final at-bat as a Cleveland Indian what did Manny Ramirez do?

Manny hit a home run in his last Cleveland at bat, in the 7th inning of the game against the Toronto Blue Jays on October 1, 2000.

Who has the Major League Baseball playoff home run record?

Through the 2008 season, Manny Ramirez has hit the most home runs in MLB playoff history with 28.

Did Manny Ramirez run track in high school?

I Highly Doubt it...I read the back of a card of manny in high school and it said that he wasn't fast then :-).

Who hit the furthest home run in the home run derby?

Miguel Cabrera 519ft

What is the furthest home run Babe Ruth ever hit?


What were baseball player Manny Ramirez's total batting stats for 2011?

In 2011, Manny Ramirez played in 5 games, all for the Tampa Bay Rays, and batting in all of them. He had 17 at bats, getting 1 hit, for a .059 batting average, with 1 run batted in. He was walked 0 times. He struck out 4 times. He hit only singles.

What was the score of the Red Sox game on September 18 2001?

The Red Sox defeated the Devil Rays, 7-2, on September 18, 2001. Hideo Nomo was the winning pitcher and Tanyan Sturtze was the loser. Manny Ramirez hit his 40th home run in the game.

Who are the top 3 home run hitters for the cubs?

approximately Aramis Ramirez, Derek Lee, and Marlon Byrd

Who hit the furthest home run in Busch Stadium?

Mark McGwire hit the longest home run at Busch Stadium II, that was closed in 2005. Mark's home run was hit on May 16, 1998 and traveled 545 ft.

Who are the active home run leaders currently playing baseball?

As of 2009 Ken Griffey Jr. (age 39) has the most career home runs among active players with 630. Alex Rodriguez (age 33) is second with 583, Jim Thome (age 38) is third with 564, and Manny Ramirez (age 37) is fourth with 546.

The farthest home run hit by an aluminum baseball bat?

If Major Leagers used aluminum bats the amount of home run would increase ludicrisly. But, anyway, the furthest home run would probably be in the 570-590 ft range.