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Many say that wrestling is just fake and the fighting and blood is not real is this true?


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Wrestling is just a great show like a never-ending soap opera on TV. But some things do really hurt and lots of the injuries are real, but normally hitting and kicking is just faked. It is a Show, but for sure a great one. But that doesn't at all mean it's not sports, cause a wrestler must train Hours a day to become that strong/Quick and to manage doing the stunts!

Just about everything a wrestler can do is legitimate. As far as bleeding, they take asprin, and then use a razor to cut themselves open, then the ref takes it and puts it in his pocket. But just about everything else is real. Wrestling is predetirmined, but not fake.

The moves are real and painful, but wrestlers have to co-operate to perform them and avoid injuries. Bleeding is achieved by self-inflicted razor cuts. Still it is the greatest and most spectacular show on earth!

Yes its fake they showed a documentery of how they do it. people get injured though.

The WWE is very fake when it comes to storylines. The actual wrestling is fake to an extent. But some of the stunts done by the wrestlers are real. They are entertainers and are out there to entertain the crowd so they take leaps off ladders, cages, platforms, and the likes. Some moves I'm sure hurt too such as the clothesline from hell done by JBL. But the wrestlers train for months and learn how to take the pain and how to fall and such so it doesn't hurt so bad. As for the bleeding they are self inflicted wounds covered by makeup. So when someone gets hit in the head with a chair they will bleed easier to make it look like a hard hit. But there have been people that have been injured doing stunts so the tragedies are very real and should only be done by a professional.

The blood is real. the fighting depends on the pace of the match. Slower pace matches are more chroegraphed than a faster pace match. THe 80's are more fake than now because of the emphasis of bodybuilders. But, now there is more of emphasis on athleticism.

the fighting is real (except some punches) but everything else is real even the bllod most people think they use blood capsuls but thats not true they really cut themselves with razors.


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YES IT IS 100%November 2009- Don't know much about wrestling do you!!! Not is is not fake blood.

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In real wrestling fake blood is not used although in very popular wrestling drama wwe blood capsules are often used.

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Some of it but most of the injuries are real. No it is not

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wrestling is not fake!

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