Marty Stuart neck injury

Updated: 9/18/2023
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According to several Marty Stuart fan sites, the country singer was involved in an altercation with a drunk band member who wanted to get a tattoo. When Stuart tried talking him out of it, the scene turned violent, resulting in a injury that he now covers with a bandana when onstage.

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Q: Marty Stuart neck injury
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When did Marty Stuart get the tattoo on his neck?

He doesn't have a tattoo on his neck! He wears scarves because they are cool looking and in case you didn't notice, he and his group are the best dressed band in country music - or any other genre.

Why does Marty Stuart wear those neck scarfs around his neck?

One of his band members got drunk and went to get a tattoo in Clarksville. Marty went to talk the fella out of it. An altercation ensued and Marty was knocked unconscious in the parking lot. His band member (former) dragged him into the tattoo parlor and had a large Duroc hog tattooed across the front of Marty's neck. Both the band member and tattoo artist soon realized the error of their act and fled to Belize never to be heard from again. Marty, unfortunately, was left with the permanent decoration. He's worn the scarf ever since.

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