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Mastermind of the akatsuki?

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If your asking about the founder of Akatsuki, then it is Madara Uchiha. (Tobi)

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Who is strongest madara or akatsuki?

Madara, considering he was the mastermind behind akatsuki. And Madara is like, a 1000 year old legend with mighty god like powers that have yet to be completely revealed. Most of them is already revealed if you have been following up your naruto shippuden episodes

How did mastermind become a superhero?

When was Celebrity Mastermind created?

Celebrity Mastermind was created in 2003.

When was Mastermind Japan created?

Mastermind Japan was created in 1997.

Is natuto in the akatsuki?

no the akatsuki is hunting him instead...

What has the author Akatsuki Kambayashi written?

Akatsuki Kambayashi has written: 'Kambayashi Akatsuki' 'Shuiro no tamago'

How did master jiraya died?

He died because he fight against the akatsuki, the leader of the akatsuki. Pain, he is the leader of the akatsuki, Master jiraya was killed by the akatsuki.

What is the duration of International Mastermind?

The duration of International Mastermind is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Sport Mastermind?

The duration of Sport Mastermind is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Junior Mastermind?

The duration of Junior Mastermind is 1800.0 seconds.

When did itachi join the akatsuki?

he join's akatsuki after he leaves the village he contacts uchiha madara and he helps him to get into akatsuki

Members of akatsuki?

The hottes akatsuki member is sasori

Is Itachi Uchiha in Akatsuki?

Yes, Itachi is in the Akatsuki.

How Naruto entered Akatsuki team?

He Did not join the akatsuki and. Will not

When did Sport Mastermind end?

Sport Mastermind ended on 2008-08-20.

When was Sport Mastermind created?

Sport Mastermind was created on 2008-07-08.

Does Gaara join Akatsuki?

No, he never joined Akatsuki. Akatsuki wanted to extract Shikaku (One tailed Raccon) from him which results death but they did it. So there is no way he would join Akatsuki.

Does Gaara join Akatsuki and why?

Gaara didn't join the Akatsuki.

Why do the akatsuki have crosses on there headbands?

To show that they have foresaken their villages for the akatsuki.

Does Sakura join Akatsuki?

No, Sakura never joins the Akatsuki.

Does Sasuke go to akatsuki?

Sausuke does join the akatsuki, but then he leaves.

Are Pein and Konan partners in the Akatsuki?

Yes, they are partners in the Akatsuki.

When did konan join the akatsuki?

Konan was apart of the original Akatsuki.

When did Akatsuki Kambayashi die?

Akatsuki Kambayashi died in 1980.

When was Akatsuki Kambayashi born?

Akatsuki Kambayashi was born in 1902.