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Q: Mats used in a Japanese tea ceremony?
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How do you serve tea in a Japanese tea ceremony?

A tea ceremony is very formal.

What are the mats used for in the Japanese Tea Ceremony?

The mats placed on the floor for the Japanese Tea Ceremony are call tatami mats. The size of the mat depends on the area of Japan: in the area around Tokyo the standard measurement is 1.76m x 0.88m (Edoma tatami); in the Nagoya area the size is 1.82m x 0.91m (Ainomai tatami) and in the Kyoto region the size is 1.91m x 0.955 (Kyōma tatami). Therefore, although the sizes differ, the mats are always in the same proportion.

What is a tea ceremony called?

The Japanese tea ceremony is called 'chanoyu'.

Why is the Japanese Tea Ceremony a ceremony?

It's not really a ceremony, but rather a ceremonious way of preparing and drinking tea. "Tea Ceremony" is just what we call it in English. In Japanese it's called "The Way of Tea."

Who was tencha?

you mean what is tencha. tencha is a form of tea preparation used for the Japanese tea ceremony

When is the Japanese Tea Ceremony held?

A tea ceremony can be held any time a host wishes to honor a guest.

What is the Japanese event for making and serving tea called?

Japanese Tea Ceremony.

What is the name of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony?

Most surviving ceramics from this period appear to be tea sets for use in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, or chanoyu.

What is a special event for making and serving tea in japan?

Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Who attends a Japanese tea ceremony?

In a Japanese tea ceremony you are either invited by the tea master or someone arranges a ceremony at a tea house and they invite you as a guest. However at events in temples you just need to pay for a ticket

Traditional Japanese decoration used on childrens day?

i am not sure but i think it is tea ceremony

Is the Japanese tea ceremony a tradition?


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