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The meaning of love is caring and being kind to one another. Love is a emotion we cant fight
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What is the meaning of love begets love?

Begets means 'to cause', i.e. if you love someone they will love you back. Answer Just because you love someone, doesn't necessarily mean they will love you back. What th

What does the phrase 'to love and to be loved' mean?

To love I give my heart, I surrender my soul, I offer myself in humble servitude. To love I adore, I exhale in awe struck amazement, I bask in the splendor love. To love I

What does she mean when she says i love you but i am not in love with you?

it means they care for you, but they don't have that feeling yet that makes them that trully want you forever. theyre not quite ready yet. All you have to do is show that yo

What do you mean by give love and get love?

No one wants someone who only takes. A healthy relationship involves caring and giving on both sides, more-or-less equally. If you act loving, people respond in kind.

What does love mean compared with love?

it means the same thing luv is just shorter unless luv is the brand of diapers than it means something completely different.
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What is the meaning of love and how much you love me?

love is when a girl shows pation for a boy or a boy shows pation for a girl. - jordin cabelli age 15 everyone that can add on your own with your name and age like above i
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What does I love you but I am falling out of love with you mean?

It's something someone might say if they have strong feelings for someone, but have noticed a weakening/decline in those feelings recently. This person may fear that the love