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The meaning of love is caring and being kind to one another. Love is a emotion we cant fight
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What does love mean?

There are many different kinds of love of course. The love you have for your best friend is supposed to be different from the love you have for your wife. Unfortunately for people who have not accepted it yet, love is a verb. It is the hardcore, difficult, loving things you do (patience, kindn ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy you're in love with says he loves you but is not in love with you?

It means he cares about you and loves you as a person, but is not"in love" with you. He doesn't have romantic feelings. Compare whatyou would say to your parents and what you would say to yourboyfriend. You love your parents but you are not in love with them,he obviously adores you as a friend, but ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of love?

It's a very complicated answer because society is very confused on the subject. Love is laughing and smiling. It's a way to happiness. Things should not be any more complicated. Love is a state of being. It is that emotional state of consciousness that permeates your entire being with a feeling o ( Full Answer )

What are the meanings of love?

love . well young soldier. \nthe definition thay i found was\n-a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. \n. \nhowever, i dont think that love can be defined cuz there are different kinds\n. \nyou could love your new dog but LOVE cupcakes.

What does 'love you do' mean?

Love You Do -- at work and in song . Just to get this started: "Love me do" is part of a Beatles song -- "Love what you do" is good employment counseling advice; "Love You I Do" is a Dreamgirls song..

What is the meaning of love begets love?

Begets means 'to cause', i.e. if you love someone they will love you back. Answer Just because you love someone, doesn't necessarily mean they will love you back. What this quote really means is that in order to be loved, you must be willing to love. It's similar to "love is a two-way street"; ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to be in love?

I don't think there's enough time or server space to address this question fully, but I, personally, knew I was in love when I realized that I could be absolutely happy and content with this one man for the rest of my life.

What do you mean by love?

love is best of all emotions in our life know you even when your bad you get love and love is the most best I know you love your life, your friends, your family, your neighbours,reading books, enjoying hobby and if you have kids your kids the nature, having food, performing arts, listening to music, ( Full Answer )

What does I love you mean?

Answer . It means that you really care for someone and your feelings have grown for that are taking another step and the way to let that person know is telling he/she "I love you". other definition of " i love you": person that feel needy to hold on so that they wont let it go th ( Full Answer )

What does in love mean?

When you get that fuzzy feeling from only one person, no one else. When you can think of the future, being with that person. When you think of love, there they are. When you know you want that person for the rest of your existence, till the day your heart stops beating.

What does love mean to you?

love means the world 2 me itz lik not living with air or water itz impossible

What is mean by love?

They won't of said it as a joke, if you are loved by someone your relationship is serious.

What loves means?

love means you really care about that some one and that you would do anything for them

What means of love?

Love means prioritizing another person's happiness. It is beingthere for the person in times of ups and downs, and it isunconditional caring for the other person's welfare.

What does the phrase 'to love and to be loved' mean?

To love I give my heart, I surrender my soul, I offer myself in humble servitude. To love I adore, I exhale in awe struck amazement, I bask in the splendor love. To love I hurt, I breathlessly wonder why love, when what I give isn't what I get. To love her it hurts, to be loved but not by her ( Full Answer )

Does he mean i love you?

love is when two person love each other and would give off their life just to be with the one they love

What does it mean to be loved?

Love differs. Generally, to be loved means that one is being protected, liked and that people care about you. It is hard to define this since being loved could range from love towards a good friend to loving your child.

What does she mean when she says i love you but i am not in love with you?

it means they care for you, but they don't have that feeling yet that makes them that trully want you forever. theyre not quite ready yet. All you have to do is show that you really love her, keep making her happy, don't let her feel pressured. make sure shes comfortable. if you keep doing this ( Full Answer )

What does lovely mean?

Wonderful, excellent, super, beautiful, pretty, and a whole bunch of other things meaning good and good-looking. It means the kind of thing or person you could love. E.g. "That was a lovely supper." (here it means good) "Joanne was a lovely bride" (here it means good-looking)

What does it mean when your husband says 'I love you but I am not in love with you'?

You can say "I love you" to a variety of people. You can love your gramndpa, your three year old niece, your Auntie Betty, or your big brother. It means you care about them, you don't want anything bad to happen to them, they are an important part of your life, they mean a lot to you. However, you h ( Full Answer )

What is love and its meaning?

love is what would save the world. it is when you do the most unselfish thing for one person. it is when you are very selfish to another. this is the meaning coming from the soul. the meaning that is on cold paper written in black ink is that love is an attraction or affection of something or someon ( Full Answer )

What is it mean to love?

love means that you are feeling guilty and someone looks really good to you and acts nicely to you and you have a strange feeling means you are in love.

Do love have a meaning?

Love has no specific meaning in my opinion. It is different to everyone. Its just someone who is every way perfect to you. some people don't believe in it. some hate it. and some search for it for ever. as you can see the previous person to answer doesn't like it! . Its a bag of crap

What do you mean by give love and get love?

No one wants someone who only takes. A healthy relationship involves caring and giving on both sides, more-or-less equally. If you act loving, people respond in kind.

What is the meaning to Where is the Love?

love is a feeling that you get when you like some one a lot and you will give up your life for them and lever stop thinking about her or him

Love what does it mean?

Love means to have feelings about a different person than yourself..... to be attracted to someone you think is cute or hot or sexy. But when you love someone you can feel it. I know some people say that a heart is just a heart you cant feel anything from it but you can. And when you get that feelin ( Full Answer )

What does love mean compared with love?

it means the same thing luv is just shorter unless luv is the brand of diapers than it means something completely different.

When a man says I love making love to you does it mean he loves you?

Making love does not always mean that person loves you. Men enjoy sex and can compliment a woman with her vast experience in love making or, he may find her very attractive and says what he means, 'I love making love to you.' This can mean he gets pleasure from your body and likes you or, he could l ( Full Answer )

What is meanning of love?

Love is when you truly care about some one. You will be willing to do any and everything for them.

What does it mean if someone says I love you but I am not in love with you?

well you dont love her/him so just forget about it. when they say that, they mean that they have love for you, and they care about you. there is a difference between loving someone and being IN LOVE with someone. when you are in love, nothing can shake those feelings. you would do anything for t ( Full Answer )

How do you mean i love you without saying i love you?

Maybe you could say.... "you are the most important thing in the world to me" "I care about you so much that no words could describe it" "No words could describe how I feel about you"

What does mean of love?

It means that when you shed a tear, and you still want him. It means when he ignores you and you still love him. It's when he's with another girl and you still smile and say I'm happy for you! When all you really do is cry and cry....

What is the meaning of love and how much you love me?

love is when a girl shows pation for a boy or a boy shows pation for a girl. - jordin cabelli age 15 everyone that can add on your own with your name and age like above it will become a neat thing to go around seeing what love means to them

What does I love you but I am falling out of love with you mean?

It's something someone might say if they have strong feelings for someone, but have noticed a weakening/decline in those feelings recently. This person may fear that the love they have for their other half is slowly vanishing.. This has been said to (and by) a few friends of mine: either some actio ( Full Answer )

What is the true meaning of love being in love and falling in love?

Nah they are the same, just that the difference between the wordsusing. SOME EXTRA INFO: Infaturation is the part where u like that person because she ispretty, it is not true crush. A true crush is something you think about everyday, and missing herevery second when you are not with her. Or it mi ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of i love you?

Love means having deep feelings of affection for someone orsomething. So, when someone says, I love you, this means they haveaffectionate feelings for you.