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A film or movie.

The film or movie industry.

Films or movies considered as a group.

I was in the mood for popcorn and a nice movie, so Alice and I went to the cinema.

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Cinema refers to the art of making and showing motion pictures on a screen. It encompasses the creation, production, and exhibition of films that entertain, educate, and inspire audiences around the world.

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Q: Meaning of cinema
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What is the theme of The Cinema by Konai Helu Thaman?

[object Object]

What is the meaning of the phrase 'reading cinema'?

Reading Cinema is an entertainment company that owns cinemas in Australia, New Zealand and the Unites States. The brand has ties back to the old Reading Railroad.

What are some words meaning picture that begin with the letter C?

Conception or cinema for the noun picture.Conceive of for the verb picture.

Is there a difference a cinema and a movie theater?

There really is no difference between a cinema and a movie theater. The only real difference is the word itself. Depending on where you are, some people may refer to it as a cinema, while other people may refer to it as a movie theater. There really is no difference in meaning.

Is cinema a French word?

the French word cinéma is modeled after the Ancient Greek 'Kinêma' meaning movement.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cinema Cinema - 1986?

The cast of Cinema Cinema - 1986 includes: Kalaichelvi Gandhimathi

What is the Romanian word for cinema?

The Romanian language equivalents of cinema are cinema, cimetograf.

What is the meaning of Iranian cinema?

It is the film industry of Iran (formerly known as Persia). For information, see Related links below this box

What is the definition of cinema?

Cinema means: a movie theater: a place designed for the exhibition of films a motion picture movies: the film industry the art or technique of making motion pictures Cinema is the Latin spelling of the Greek word kinema (cf kinetic), meaning "a motion." According to Webster's Dictionary, the word derives from the word cinematograph.

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you did see him at the cinema

What is qube cinema?

Qube cinema is a Digital Cinema Provider for more information Google

What is a antonym for the word cinema?

There is no antonym for cinema.