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Being detailed oriented means that a person pays extremely close detail to an object. This trait is normally effective for detectives .

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Is it detail-oriented or detail-oriented?

The proper term is "oriented;" detail-oriented.

Should you say detail orientation or detail oriented?

"Orientation" is a noun, meaning the direction something is pointed. "Oriented" is a verb form and adjective meaning pointed that way. "Detail-oriented" means pointed in the direction of detail, concerned with detail. "He has a detail-oriented approach" means he concerns himself with details. "Detail orientation" means the direction the detail is pointed, not perhaps a very useful phrase, since detail is rarely pointed in any direction.

Should I say detail oriented or detailed oriented?

Detail-oriented. You need a hyphen unless you are implying that you are a detail and you are oriented.

Should it be written as detail oriented or detail-oriented?

It should have the hyphen.

What is opposite of detail-oriented?

The opposite of detail-oriented could be 'disorganised'

What is the opposite of detail oriented?

Disorganised is the opposite of detail oriented.

What is a detail-oriented?

To be detail-oriented, a person pays close attention to small parts of a situation.

What are some qualities of oriented person?

In whatever way they are oriented will provide the quality -for example, detail-oriented (attn to detail) Oriented is not used alone.

Is detail-oriented hyphenated?

Yes, it is. Otherwise, you're implying that you're "detail" and you are "oriented".

Should detail oriented be hyphenated?

career oriented

What is the meaning of 'detail-oriented'?

To be detail-oriented means that you pay attention to every little thing. For example, if a 10-page document was missing one comma, you would notice it. No matter how minuscule something is, it doesn't slip by you. You pay VERY close attention and make sure that things are perfect.AnswerPedantic.

What does detail oriented means?

Someone who is detail oriented pays attention to the small details and makes thorough plans as a result. Detail oriented people are in opposition to big picture thinkers, who tend to plan holistically and don't take details into account.

What is the meaning of 'detail oriented'?

Being detail oriented means that you pay attention to the "little things," such as punctuation in reports, making sure that all possibilities are considered before making a decision, making sure nothing is left off an important list etc.

How do you answer Do you consider yourself to be detail oriented?

yes !

Do you consider yourself to be detail-oriented or big picture oriented?

A big picture person.

Meaning of import oriented?

Import oriented

What are synonyms of detail-oriented?

Meticulous, fastidious, finicky, scrupulous, picky, punctilious, exact, rigid...

Can you use detail in a sentence?

The company was looking for a detail oriented person to head up the yearly inventory.

Detail about object oriented programming? -the best reference for that!!

What does detail oriented mean?

Detail oriented means that a person really pays close attention to the details of something. It means they have exceptional organizational skills and like things to be in an orderly fashion.

How do you answer what words can your superior use to describe your work?

Smart Team worker Goal oriented Punctual Detail-oriented Analytical

Skills required for accounting jobs?

Need to take courses and be detail oriented.

What are some values of most lawyers?

perfectionist, detail-oriented, hard-working

What is a meanings of personally meticulous?

meticulous= careful with all details, detail oriented

What is an example of being Detail oriented?

Being detail-oriented involves paying attention and noticing the little things that nobody else would. This could mean picking up little fluctuations or subtle differences in things.

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