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The meaning of observing in science process is by using your five senses to observe the things around you.

Examples are:The sky is blue.(sense:eyes;seeing)

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Q: Meaning of observing in science process?
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What are the different science process and their meaning?


What is the process of observing and studying about things to gain knowledge?


What will you study in earth science?

The process of observing and studying things in our world.

Identify and describe the basic science process?

the basic science process has many kinds. *observing *classifying *inferring *communicating *etc.

What is the science of observing the stars?

Astronomy, from the greek astra, meaning stars.

Which science process skill refers to describing an object or event using the five senses?


What are the seven science process skills scientists use?

The seven science process skills that scientists use are classifying, observing, measuring, inferring and predicting, communicating, and experimenting. Those are the seven science process skills scientists use

Bachelors of science in occupational science struggling in grad school what kind of job can you get with just this degree?

science mean's ''having knowledge''-it is the process of observing thing's in our world.

What is observing in science?

observation-it is a process of using your senses with or without materials by observing a specific things you want to discover.

Meaning of inferring in science process?

what are the three steps of inferring in science

What is the meaning of predicting science process?


What are the different process of science?

1. Observing 2. Measuring 3. Inferring 4. Communicating 5. Classifying 6. Predicting