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the chief executive.

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What is union strike?

A union strike is when union members (workers) stop working and often protest outside the building while the union leaders bargain collectively with the employer.

Why do workers decide not to go on strike?

Workers can settle with the employer or not enough workers voted for strike.

What cause workers to strike?

Workers strike because certain demands are not being meet.

What is worker strike?

workers strike because they did not get what they wanted

What were some problems with building the transcontinental railroad?

The Chinese workers went on strike so the leaders decided to starve them in order to carry on with the rail road.

When did four million workers go on strike?

In 1919 after WWI when the government was less willing to cooperate with workers four million workers went on strike.

Was workers on strike any time in 1920?

The 1920 Alabama coal strike, or the Alabama Miners' Strike, was a statewide strike of the United Mine Workers of America against coal mine operators.

When did Ulster Workers' Council strike happen?

Ulster Workers' Council strike happened on 1974-05-28.

Why did workers engage in the pullman strike?

back then the workers' boss used to cut down the workers paychecks. so workers engaged in the pullman strike so they can get their money back. i hope this helps:)

Why do they call it a 'strike' when workers are trying to change their working conditions?

The term "strike" began in 1798, when British sailors refused to work and lowered, or struck, their sails. From then on, workers say that they are "on strike."

Why were Labor Leaders targeted by the Espionage and Sedition Acts?

labor leaders were targeted because they would urge their workers to strike during the war effort for better working conditions and higher pay. Which was illegal under these acts.

Why did the government send the military to protect the railroad workers?

to guard against spontaneous outbreaks in numerous cities of violence against railroads and the bitter antagonism between workers and the leaders of industry, Great Railroad Strike of 1877.

What kind of workers were on strike in 1968?

sanitation workers m-ville

Why were the workers upset during the homestead strike?

Workers were upset during the homestead strike for a number of valid reasons. Their wages were cut, mills were closed, workers were locked out. Management treated the workers very poorly.

A strike involving all the workers in a particular geographic location?

a general strike

What happened Railroad Strike 1877?

other workers went on strike in support

Why did the labor workers go on strike in the Winnipeg General Strike?

fofokoko the monkey

What did the railway strike of 1877 do for workers?

Showed workers that organized labor was powerful.

What is a sentence using the word strike in it?

Strike while the iron is hot! The union workers are on strike for better wages.

To get pay increases workers?

went on strike

Why did workers strike?

Dangerous working conditions

What do workers do to get pay increases?

went on strike

What is the name when workers refuse to work?


What was the goal of workers going on strike?

the reason most people go on strike is because they want a raise or the employeer isn't meeting their expectations. Workers strike either to protest alleged violations of labor law (unfair labor practice strikes) or to pressure the employer to agree to money issues in contract negotiation (economic strikes). All strikers can be replaced if they walk out. Economic strikers can be PERMANENTLY replaced.

Are the Paris transit workers going to strike tomorrow?

No they wont do another strike tomorrow

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