Mental well being

Updated: 9/6/2023
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whay is social, physical,mental well being and what do they entail

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Q: Mental well being
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What is mental wellbeing?

whay is social, physical,mental well being and what do they entail

Bio-psycho-social factors in mental health and mental well being?

Bio-psycho-social well being

Benefits of physical activities?

physical well being, mental well being, and also your social well being

What is mental wellness?

whay is social, physical,mental well being and what do they entail

What contributes to good physical and mental well-being in man?

Good physical and mental well-being in a person is by them living a healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise play an important role in regarding one's physical and mental health. The better the diet and exercise, usually that means for better physical and mental well-being. There are external factors which do not help mental well-being, however there is always a solution to them.

What is mental or emotional health?

how you react to the different events in your life

What is the meaning of health and well-being?

health & well being & wellness tooare synonymousthey or it prevails& is the natural state & condition of all beings & only when it is disallowed to some extent by a pattern of negative thinking is illness or injury or some other mishap drawn or invited to arise & intervenemoreover all negative thinking is in fact a lierather than just a variety of truthsince the universe is not negative but only positiveso health & well being are in fact themselves definedas well as monitored & maintainedby thinking thoughts that feel well

What is the difference between mental illness and mental health?

Mental health is a reflection of your overall emotional well being and mental illness refers to specific problems or disorders

'Metal institution' What is it?

A mental institution is a facility used in theory for the care and well-being of patients with mental challenges.

What is the meaning of health feeding habits?

physically and mental well-being