Mileys face goes red when she cry or laughs?

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yes everyody hates Miley Cyrus now cuz she is getting 3 ears pearused 5 bellie botton 4 noses 2 tongue and 4eye lashes
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Why do people cry when they laugh?

people cray when they laugh because they are so happy they just have to cry. Or. That person might be crying because of laughter because they might actually be sad. :( but I hope it is because of happiness!

What goes with red?

Red is a primary colour and can be used in combination with most other colours. If you are decorating with it, try a neutral. If you are wearing it, neutrals and other colours you like work well. If you are painting with it, your subject matter will dictate your choice. The short answers: ( Full Answer )

What does laughing and crying at the same time mean?

This is very good for you. It is a type of meditation that allows your inner self to come to the surface and penetrate your inner self. This is your consciousness trying to awaken you, let it happen and in fact, become totally immersed in it, crying until it is so extreme that you are literally droo ( Full Answer )

Which direction should laughing Buddha face?

You face it to the north so the Buddha sees all. Ex: He sees sunrise and sunset! Answer: There are no guidelines for placing statuary in Buddhism except the normal aesthetic comsiderations of the owner. The "Lauhing Buddha" in this case is not even a Buddhist statute but a Taoist representation ( Full Answer )

How do you make a crying face?

A crying face is a common emoticon used on social networkingwebsites and in instant messages. To make a crying face you mustpress the semicolon key followed by an apostrophe followed by theleft facing parentheses key.

Why does your face get sticky when you cry?

I don't know, why does it? My face doesn't get sticky, if I were to have to guess I would think the salt and moisture from your tears.... yeah i would say when the water evapourates the salt wouldn't so the salt would stay there...

Can Dogs Laugh and Cry?

Laugh: I don't know. Cry: I don't care Seriously though, I don't know if they can laugh... And the whimper, not cry

Can mute-voiceless people laugh or cry?

Yes. My laughter has little to no sound. Sounds a bit like I'm wheezing. However, you can really tell I'm laughing by body motion. ...and yes, get me laughing hard enough, I snort. It's embarrassing. As for crying, it's just tears. Sometimes sniffles. Everything about me is the same as the voiced, w ( Full Answer )

What does laugh now cry later really mean?

There is two different ways to see this kind of question, either it is "have sex with someones girlfriend, then his boyfriend come and kill you" or like "Party and enjoy life.. Like live for the moment"

What makes you laugh or cry?

something really important to you that you hate, It all depends onwhat you as a person find funny or sad. For me watching movies onHBO coz they have huge number of comedy movies lined up orlistening to something funny makes me laugh. listening to a sadsong makes me cry.

Why people cry or laugh?

People can cry from sadness or happinese. People can laugh because your happy. people can also cry if they are really angery.

Why was Miley Cyrus crying at the kca?

NO SHE IS NOT A CRY BABY!! SHE WAS HAPPY BECAUSE SHE WON BEST FEMALE SINGER WOULDN'T U BE EMOTIONOL IF U WON AN AWARD LIKE THAT!!!!!!!! . i agree that she was crying because she was happy but that doesnt mean i like her in fact i hate her and most ppl do too.

How do you make a crying smily face?

Well if you are wanting a crying smily it is.. :'( or if you want a happy one... :') There you go! :}

How do you stop crying when laughing?

Try to tell the person that is making you laugh to stop the jokes, and calm yourself by doing deep breaths. This is my method, may not work for you.

Is Tyler's Perry's Laugh to Keep from Crying on DVD?

Yes! Tyler Perry's play, Laugh to Keep from Crying WAS taped in the summer of 2010 and will be available on DVD and Digital Download on August 30th, 2011. Along with the film "Madea's Big Happy Family" & "Meet the Browns: Season One." Can't wait (:

Can you talk to miley face to face?

i can just tell you that if you search her phone number in yellow pages then maybe be you have chances to talk with Miley Cyrus face to face.

How do you make her laugh wen she is crying?

You don't unless you don't care how she feels (which is probably why she is crying). Crying is therapeutic, hold her lightly and let her cry for a minute or two. When she's ready, ask her if she wants to talk about it or if there's anything that you can do. If she says no, continue to hold her and w ( Full Answer )

What happened to the little boy who laughed at Demeter when she was crying?

I can't find a source right now, but as I recall, when Demeter was crying, distraught after having lost Persephone, and the boy (who must have a name, almost all those Greek figures do) laughed at her, she transformed him into a lizard, which was promptly devoured by a hawk, eagle, or some other pre ( Full Answer )

Will Tyler perry's laugh to keep from crying be on DVD?

Yes! Tyler Perry's new play, "Laugh to Keep from Crying," will be available on DVD on August 30th, 2011. Along with the film version of "Madea's Big Happy Family" & "Meet the Browns: Season One." Can't wait (: .

Is it normal for people to cry when they laugh?

No it is not normal, if you are having these symptoms you should see a doctor. ANS2: This person is wrong, it is COMPLETELY normal for a person to cry when they are laughing. ANS3: This person is very wrong if you cry when you laugh it means that you were laughing too hard. ANS4: I ( Full Answer )

Why do you laugh when you cry really hard?

Its not really laughing obviously but its because when you cry you tend to take shorter breaths that after a prolonged time crying causes you to start taking short gasps of air that resemble laughing.

When we cry what falls down your face?

When you cry, tears fall down your face. Tears not only reflect sadness, but they can clean and lubricate your eyes. If a person is unable to produce tears, they may experience vision problems due to the lens being dry.

What does laugh now cry later?

My spin on this quote ever since I became aware of it,Had to do with my mood disorders. Mainly depression . I alwaysthought throughout my mood swings Bi-polar there was a way ofsomehow designing it somehow. Mainly to maintain some normalfeeling and behavior to get me by even for an hour. This is whe ( Full Answer )