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Q: Milton was imprisoned because of his previous position in the?
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In On His Blindness Milton regrets that he did what?

In "On His Blindness," John Milton regrets that he wasted his time and talent because of his blindness. He laments that he may not be able to use his gift of writing to serve God, as he had originally hoped.

What position does Keavon Milton play?

Keavon Milton plays Tight End for the Cleveland Browns.

What happened to Milton in 1652?

In 1652, Milton was appointed as Secretary for Foreign Tongues by the Council of State in England. This role involved working on international correspondence during the English Commonwealth period. Milton held this position until 1659.

When did Milton Drake die?

He didn't he is still alive. @previous answerer He was born in 1822, so...

Why did Milton Hershey make Hersheys?

he created it because he loves chocolate

Why was Milton thrown in prison?

because he had served in Cromwell's Puritan government.

How many states have a town named Milton?

Milton, CA Milton, FL Milton, DE Milton, GA Milton, IL Milton, IN Milton, IA Milton, KY Milton, LA Milton, ME Milton, MA Milton, NC Milton, ND Milton, NH Milton, (town) Saratoga County, NY Milton, (hamlet) Ulster County, NY Milton, PA Milton, VT Milton, WA Milton, Buffalo County, WI Milton, Rock County, WI Milton, WV So there are 20 states with towns or cities named Milton - with NY and WI each having TWO by that name. In addition, you can also find Milton-Freewater, Oregon Milton Center, Ohio Milton Township, Antrim County, Michigan Milton Township, Cass County, Michigan Milton Township, Minnesota Milton Township, Ashland County, Ohio Milton Township, Wood County, Ohio New Milton, West Virginia West Milton, Ohio If you count those, you would add the states of Ohio, Oregon, Michigan, and Minnesota to the count. Note that "townships" such as you find in Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota are a remnant from the Northwest Ordinance and fall somewhere between a town and a county in terms of their status.

Why is summer solstice an important time for Milton keynes?

Summer solstice is an important time for Milton Keynes because Milton Keynes is located at a far northern latitude, therefore there are only a few hours of darkness. The neo-pagans of Milton Keynes hold a summer solstice celebration there.

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The address of the Milton Branch is: 108 West Milton Avenue, Milton, 70558 M

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The address of the Milton is: 1140 Smith Street, Milton, 25541 1398

What is the birth name of Milton Berle?

Milton Berle's birth name is Milton Berlinger.

Why did Milton Hershey make Hershey Park?

he created it because he loves chocolate