Pregnancy Symptoms

Missed period cramping nausea diarreha tired peeing a lot?


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Yes you are very much pregnant.

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Some signs in early pregnancy are*Peeing more often*implantation bleeding (Spotting)*sore or tender breasts*darkening of the nipple*lower back pain*nausea and/or vomiting*comstipation or diarreha*Missed period*Mood swingsThose are just some signs of early pregnancyEarly signs and symptoms of pregnancy include the cessation of menstruation, nausea (morning sickness), and water retention or bloating.

Tender, swollen breastsA missed periodNausea or vomitingPeeing a lotAbdominal bloatingFeeling tiredIf you want to have proof that you ARE pregnant, then a pregnancy test would be best.

its always diffrent with diffrent people. most likely it is nausea missed period. tender breast "implantion bleeding" most people dont have that, normally 8 days after the sex. tiredness, fatigue , peeing alot, && food cravings.

i suggest you just see a doctor to check one more time maybe the test is wrong or if its not you might have a medical problem or are just eating too much

Throwing up, dizziness. Craving lots of sweets and a lot of food, peeing 24/7, lazy wanting to be in bed.

It burns when I stop peeing

You will not die from peeing on yourself.

I was peeing on that bear over there.

can i be pregnant? I am 15 days late negative test, I have nausa, lower back pain some cramping very tired and peeing lots

No. Unless they were peeing blood, of course.

I would. When your hamster is not peeing, it could be urinary track infection. If you are sure about peeing and pooing, you should take him to a vet.

by poopingby peeingby pooping againby peeing again

They are different. Squirting is from vaginal mucosa. Peeing is from urethra.

Peeing in the shower has no health benefits for feet or any other part of the body. Peeing in the shower will not hurt a person in any way.

You cannot get a guinea pig to stop peeing on you. They cant help it.

By shaking the excess gently from it after peeing and washing with a little water or in the absence of water, dry with tissue.

I was recently diagnosed with chlamydia and experienced the following symptoms:Extreme abdominal crampingExtreme low back cramping, TO THE POINT I ALMOST PASSED OUTMild fever, between 99.1-99.6NauseaMissed period (no I am not pregnant)FatigueFrequent need to peeSlight discomfort at the end of sexVery slight burning when peeing, but only right after sexI had no discharge, sores, foul smell or other "normal" symptoms of the disease. My boyfriend had absolutely no symptoms.I was given a shot of Rocephin in my hip. And put on Doxycycline, 100mg, twice daily for 7 days. On day 2 day of taking the medicine I had a rash on the top of my hands and a very mild rash on below my hip bones on my thigh. It did not itch nor did it have any blisters. It was just red and splotchy and dry. I went back to the doctor and they took me off the Doxycyline and gave me Zithromax, two 1mg doses to be taken at once.

No, peeing in bed is most likely an emotional or bladder problem.

ive been the one who sings while peeing in the snow I.P. Freely

get him used to peeing with the leash on, so he'll get used to it.

Yes, you can pass tissue from a miscarriage while peeing. I know this from personal experience.

Pooping in lakes Pooping on land Peeing in lakes Peeing in land

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