Mixture in which substances are not evenly mixed?


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A heterogenous mixture.

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Hetrogeneous mixture is a type of mixture where the substances are not evenly mixed. Homogenous mixture is type of mixture where two or more substances are evenly mixed on a moleculeral level but are not bonded together.

No. A solution is a type of mixture in which particles of the two substances are easily mixed

solution: 2 or more substances evenly mixed and heterogeneous mixture: 2 or more substances unevenly mixed.

A type if mixture where the substances are not evenly mixed. for example sand and water or cereal

one of two or more substances that are not mixed evenly

Homogeneous because in my science book it says a homogeneous mixture contains two or more substances that are evenly mixed on a molecular level but still are not bonded together

it is a heterogenous mixture because it contains substances that are not evenly mixed together

In a homogeneous mixture, the solute and solvent are mixed so thoroughly that the mixture appears uniform.

If multiple substances are combined, a process called diffusion occurs; when the particles are evenly mixed, the term is uniform concentration.

When two or more substances are so evenly mixed that you can't see the different part, it is a homogenous mixture which is a solution.

There is no such thing as a homozygous mixture but homozygous is having identical pairs of genes for any given pair of hereditary characteristics. A heterogeneous mixture is where the substance is not evenly mixed, and a homogeneous mixture is where the two or more substances are evenly mixed molecularly but not bonded together.

a homogeneous mixture they have the same proportions through out a given example

A SOLUTION is a mixture of two or more substances in which the molecules of the substances are evenly distributed

Homogeneous mixture contains substances that are completely mixed. It does not contain substances which cannot be mixed.

A mixture that has unevenly mixed substances is known as a heterogeneous mixture. This mixture has uneven parts that can be seen and separated.

In a mixture, the individual substances are not even distributed. You can segregate these substances using physical techniques.

It depends on the mixture. In a homogeneous mixture such as air, salt water, or brass the particles are evenly mixed. But in a heterogeneous mixture such as mud or oily water there is an uneven distribution.

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