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Europa who had Minos and Rhadamanthys by Zeus; later, a third son, Sarpedon was added to the myth. She is also said to have borne a daughter, Crete.

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Q: Mortal woman seduced by zeus in the form of a bull?
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Who was the Maiden loved by Zeus in greek mythology?

There is a rather long list of maidens, or at least young women loved/seduced by Zeus. Some of the better known ones include: Io, who he transformed into a cow to protect her from Hera Europa, who he seduced/kidnapped in the form of a bull Leda, who he seduced/raped in the form of a swan Alcmene, who was the mother of Heracles

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Zeus, at least, was rather fond of this trick. He usually did it to get his groove on with some mortal chick: Leda and the swan, Europa and the bull.

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