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You will have to know the model name or number to cross-reference to a manufacturers model. Many Western Field (Montgomery Ward) shotguns were made by Mossberg, but many were also by Stevens/Savage, Hi Standard, and several others.

My son has a Westernfield M865A, which was made by Mossberg, but they also sold it as a Mossberg rifle as the Model 402 or you will here it called the Palomino. My son loves it, got it for $60 at a garage sale.

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Q: Mossberg parts interchangeable with Western Field?
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Who makes western field 550 shotgun?

The Western Field 550 series were produced by Mossberg for Montgomery Ward. Basically it's a Mossberg 500 and as far as my research and experience with them goes (I own a 550AB in 12 GA and a 550ED in 410 GA), all parts are interchangeable though I've only ever put a Mossberg barrel on my Western Field.

Who made the western field pump 12 gauge model 550 AL?

Mossberg. It was sold through Montgomery wards. Its a Mossberg 500 with the western field name. All Mossberg parts interchange.

What is a Western Field Model M 550 ABD?

A Western Field 550 ABD is a Mossberg 500 that was made for Montgomery Wards. They are the same gun and all parts/ accessories for the Mossberg 500 will interchange.

Were can you get parts for western field m72 30-30?

Your western field M72 was made for Montgomery Wards by Mossberg.It is the Mossberg model 472PRA.I would contact them directly for availability of parts.

Where can bolt parts be found for a Western Field Model 36B single shot rifle?

A Western field model 36B was made by mossberg.The mossberg firm actually made 2 models that was designated western field model 36B.One was the mossberg model 25A,and the other was the mossberg model 10.These are the models that you would at for parts to your westernfield model 36B.I would start my search at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

Is there a place to buy parts for a Western Field 12 gauge pump?

did you try mossberg shotguns for parts,the 500 is almost the same as your gun ?

Where can you get some info on a Western field M720 30-30 lever action rifleLike a parts list and schematic?

check mossberg parts lists/ sites. many western fields are mossberg from what ive seen. i own a W.F. M72 which is a mossberg 472, also 30-30 lever.

Where can you get parts for wards western field 04m 489b?

Your western field model 04M-489B was made by Mossberg.The Mossberg model 50 is the same firearm.These parts should be found at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

Where can you find parts for a 20 gauge Western Field Model M550CD pump shotgun?

You can get your parts from mossberg . The mossberg model 500C is the same gun. You will need to call to order the parts.You also may find the parts you need at Thay Cary most of the parts for this shotgun.Some parts you can only get from mossberg

Where can you get a firing pin for a Western field 12 gauge model 15k?

I can't find a listing for the Western Field Mod 15k. The Mod 15 is a Mossberg Mod 80, the 15A is a Mossberg 83, and the 150 is a Mossberg 183k but all of these are .410 bore, not 12 ga. Mossberg did make most of the different models sold by Western Field, so by looking through the different diagrams of appropriate Mossberg shotguns you may be able to identify the correct model. With that information, or other parts warehouses may be able to supply the correct firing pin.

How much does a stock for a western field shotgun model number m172b?

I would go to Numrich gun parts corp.they may be found on the web.The Mossberg model 395K is the same firearm as yours,having been made for Montgomery Wards(Western field) by Mossberg&sons firearms company.

Where can you get a bolt for wards western field 47or mossberg 45A?

I would first start looking at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the net.

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