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Most efficient way to boil water Microwave or electric kettle?


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The most efficient way to boil water is with an electric kettle. Surprisingly, the microwave oven uses the most electricity and its relative efficiency gets worse the more water you're heating. The microwave potentially uses even more than the stove top (depending on pot-size to burner-size match, using a lid on the pot, etc).

The overall efficiency of the electric kettle can be drastically reduced by boiling more water than you need and letting the remainder go cold, so try to put only as much as you need in the kettle without being below the minimum water level. A good tip is to use your target containers as measuring devices to fill the kettle (e.g., if you're making two cups of tea, use a cup to measure two lots of water in to the kettle) rather than just filling from the tap and guessing.

Cleaning your electric kettle with boiling water and vinegar removes mineral deposits on the element that can reduce its energy efficiency.