Motion plus Wii resort

Updated: 10/27/2022
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yes you need motion+ for it

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Q: Motion plus Wii resort
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Why do you have to have Wii motion plus to play Wii sports resort?

yes because i have it it says ok if you have wii motion plus so you can't play without wii motion plus

Can you use the Wii motion plus with other Wii games?

Only some games are compatible with Wii motion plus like Wii sports resort.

Do you need two Wii Motion Plus for two players?

Only if the game requires Wii motion plus, like wii sports resort. Otherwise, you don't need the Wii motion plus at all.

Do you need Wii motion plus on Wii sports resort?

no you dont only if you want to

Can you trade in Wii Sports Resort without the Wii motion plus?

Yes, but you will not get a lot of money for it.

Does Wii Sport Resort only come with ONE motion plus controller and does it come with any normal wii remotes?

It comes with one controller with a wii motion plus

When playing Wii sports resort in addition to using the Wii motion plus remote can you use a regular Wii remote if playing with 2 people or do you have to buy additional Wii motion remotes?

Yes, you have to buy another motion plus thing if you wish to play 2 player on wii sports resort.

What is the thing that is on the end of Wii remote for Wii sports resort?

The attachment on the end of the Wii remote is the Wii Motion Plus. This attachment allows the remote to respond to precise movements to give certain games a more authentic motion experience. Some of the games in Wii Sports Resort require the Wii Motion Plus attachment, as well as other games. As well, Nintendo has also released a Wii Remote Plus, which has Wii Motion Plus capabilities built into it.

Can you play Wii sports Resort without the Wii motion plus?

Merry Christmas ! : ) *2010* Yes, in fact you do have to have wii motion plus. You have it in order to do anything. But you if you buy the game it comes with a wii motion plus anyways so that wouldn't be a problem. I think if you buy the regular games you wouldn't have to need the wii motion plus. I hoped I helped ! : )

Are you able to use a regular Wii remote with Wii sports resort too?

Yes, but you have to connect it to the Wii Motion Plus.

Is Wii remote plus compatible with Wii sports resort?

It is. A Wii remote plus is a Wii remote with the motion plus accessory built in.

Do you need two Wii Motion Plus for Wii Sports Resort?

You just need one Wii Motion Plus for Wii Sports Resort. If you want to play on a 2 to 4 player mode, you need 2 to 4 motion plus depending on the number of people playing at the same time. Anyways, this game is fun, go buy it! :D