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Typically a motorcycle club consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Road Captain, and Sergeant-at-Arms, then regular members and associates of the club.

The President is the leader of a chapter/club, and may be voted into this position or have it handed down from the previous President. Their power varies from club to club, either requiring a popular vote to have their wishes forwarded, or simply ordering members to complete them. Generally acts the signatory for the club in legal contracts.

The Vice President is the second in command, and will lead in times where the President cannot (such as illness or incarceration). In some clubs, the President may be a figurehead of sorts and the Vice President will be the "true" leader of a club. He is either voted into this position, or appointed by the President.

The Secretary is best described as the bookkeeper of a club, and will maintain membership details, meeting minutes. The Secretary usually arranges club meetings. He is either voted into this position or appointed by the President.

The Treasurer handles the assets and financial records of the club. Club properties may be owned in the Treasurer's name. He may also sign legal contracts for the club. Either voted or appointed.

Those four position generally make up the "board" or senior officers of the club. There are usually two junior officer positions in a club:

The Sergeant-at-Arms. Their basic role is to keep order at meetings and handle clubhouse and club security. In "outlaw" clubs, this role may extend to leading the club in attacks during war, and trying to identify members deemed to be disloyal or potentially acting for law enforcement, then handling them - usually brutally. They may also provide members with weapons if necessary.

Road Captain. Organises routes for clubs to take when out on a ride, and ensures safety on the road. I am unsure what their role extends to in "outlaw" clubs.

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Q: Motorcycle club members ranks
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How many members are in the thunderguards motorcycle club?

well over 1000 members

What does the 2 percent motorcycle club patch mean?

Church is the TABLE were the club members meet

Is there are Outlaws in Hawaii?

At this time there are no members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Hawaii.

How many members do you need to start a motorcycle club?

3. Me myself & I.

I live in Ennis Texas and every once in a while I will see members of the scorpion motorcycle club cruising around and I would like to know if they are considered a one percent club?

No the Scorpion Motorcycle club in Ennis, TX is not a one percenter club. None of the Scorpion Motorcycle club chapters are.

What was the difference between and Riding Club and Motorcycle Club?

Riding clubs are meant to be social, group-friendly events that embrace others in the motorcycle community. . Motorcycle club members are more than just fellow motorcycle fans: they are brothers that share a special bond. Club members can be counted on not just as a fellow riding partner, but also as someone you can count on even when you are away from your bike.

What is the largest motorcycle club?

The Bandidos. They are chapters across the globe and several thousand members.

What was the actual name of the motorcycle club portrayed as the jackals in the movie beyond the law?

The members where played by the Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club of Arizona (Patched over to the Hells Angels in 1996). The club was the Hells Angels, the guy who was the cop was Dan Black.

Who is master links motorcycle club?

Christian motorcycle club

Do outlaw motorcycle clubs have a enforcer in the ranks?

In the gang the enforcer is the sergeant at arms who is fiercely loyal to the president and usually amongst the toughest members who undertakes the job of keeping fellow riders in check and has the ability to draft in other patched members if the need arises. Outside of the gang all patched members have an obligation to defend the club or lose their patch, which the sergeant at arms will confiscate by force if necessary due to the club charter not being upheld.

Who are the thunderguard motorcycle club?

An all male black motorcycle club.

When was Bandidos Motorcycle Club created?

Bandidos Motorcycle Club was created in 1966.