Movie about Tina turner's life?

I do not know how to that but if you want to know what happened, It shows her, as a young child, singing in church. She get's kicked out because she sounded like a "White Person" (no offense). She was walking out, and walking home. When she was half way there, she saw her mother Zelma, and sister Alline going into the car, they left Anna Mae with her Grandmother. When she reached the house, the house was a total mess. Her grandmother walked in, Anna said "When is my mama gonna get me?" her grandmother said "She just left you." After a few years Anna had to leave Nutbush because her grandmother passed away. She was in a bus and her sister Alline and Zelma were outside talking. When Anna got out Alline said "I wonder what she looks like now?" Anna heard what she said then said "Wow, you don't recognize me?" They jumped up and down to finally see each other. Zelma told Anna to go with her sister to the club, but Alline refused because she was going to see someone there. But even though she took her. Anna saw everyone dancing to Ike's music. Ike insisted for everyone to help sing so the mic was being passed around. The next time Anna came she looked more mature, she was not supposed to be in the club because she was to young. The mic was passed to her and she sang. Ike was surprised. So she became a singer of course. She went to stay at Ike's place because of a late rehersal. So Anna was sleeping, Lorraine (Ike's girlfriend at this time) came in with a gun and said "You ain't worth the bullet..." She walked off and locked herself in the room with her kids. She shot herself, they went to the hospital and when Ike came back he showed his feelings. After the conversation, they had sex. Anna became pregnant and Ike changed her name to Tina Turner. When they were going to perform Tina didn't want to and Ike got mad. When Tina told Ike to take a rest she said "Ike the music sounds all the same" He punched her repeatedly and dragged her to the room. The two other thing's i can remember is that Ike raped her and after the divorce Tina was going to perform "What's Love Got To Do With It" Ike knocked and Tina said "Come in." She was shocked and Ike pulled out a gun on her. That's all I can remember.