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Msc bsc and bts structure block diagram

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Q: Msc bsc and bts structure block diagram?
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Is MSc in Organic Chemistry equivalent to BSc Chemistry?

Stupid question, how can MSc be equivalent to BSc.

What are best after bsc?

After bsc you can apply for forensic science,Msc in organic chemistry,Msc in drug chemistry,MBA

Can you do msc physics after doing bsc computer science?

no. u had to do bsc physics

What is should do after BSc by biology and chemistry?

Get your MSc?

Can you do MS after bsc in phys?

To the best of my knowledge you can do MSC after BSC in physics.

Which ranks better BTech Biotechnology or MSc Biotechnology?

Actually msc biotech is bit technical whilw bsc is theory based bsc+msc is equal to btech degree and as u know biotech is a mainly a research oriented subject bsc and msc is better for it but still some fool peoples prefers a btech degree

Can you do msc microbiology after bsc biotechnology?

100% sure.

You have finished your BSC Agriculture and what you do after bsc?

after of all i should given a jrf exam for msc in agriculture

What should do after

if you done BSc then you people must do MSc

Is bsc biotechnology student apply for banking?

Any bsc students can apply for banking but not any bsc student can do MSc or PhD in biotechnology!

Is it possible to obtain MSc without BSc?

It is possible to obtain MSc without taking up a BSc first. A lot of schools encourage people with little or no background at all to take MScs.

Could you do MSc in forensic science after learning BSc biotechnology?