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Hey guys this is the link for TYBSCIT syllabus and reference book


For any help just pray to JESUS with your hearts;he will surely help you.Because he is the true saviour.

If any 1 wants any Malayalam or Hindi Jesus songs and testimony

just search in this site and type "Malayalam Jesus everything in one" for my entire folder it is off 10 gb ;if u want Hindi song search "Jesus Hindi"songs

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what is the syllabus of sociology in mumbai university

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what is the foreign exchange jounral entry formate of t y b com?

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Q: Mumbai university TYBScIT syllabus and reference books?
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Yes, you can get a Hindi version of Tybcom syllabus for management of Mumbai University. You can get it on the Go Bookee website or check with the university for a direct purchase.

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the chapters i have to study for exam in subjects:Psychology,Economics,English literature, foundation course,communications skills in English.

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The Mumbai University is based in a place in Mumbai called Kalina.

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