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no, plenty of kids with ADHD go to normal school. And actually most kids have ADHD when they are born.

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2012-04-14 13:10:49
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Q: Must a person with ADHD go to a special school?
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Is hyperactivity adhd?

Not necessarily. hyperactivity is a part of ADHD but hyperactivity it self is not adhd. This must be diagnosed by a medical professional and the subject may have adhd or is just a hyper type of person.

Is there a school in the summit, portage or stark county,ohio areas for a 12 year old boy suffering from depression, anxieties,oppositional behavior and adhd?

No, since you child has special condition, you must talk to the schools' officers but going to a special program is your best bet.

What is the youngest age a child can be diagnosed with ADHD?

Most children are not diagnosed with ADHD until around age 7 or 8. This is due to being in a school environment where hyperactive behavior is not acceptable; however, for a diagnosis of ADHD the child must have had symptoms before age 7.

Why must Percy Jackson change schools each year?

He is kicked out of each school because he causes trouble and has ADHD and dyslexia

How do you become a pediatrician in Montreal?

To become a pediatrician in Montreal, a person must be a trained medical doctor with a specialty in pediatrics. This involves an accredited medical school and special training.

i have 2 kids with adhd or add and i cant find a dr. there dr wont do anything for them?

Very often it is impossible to tell whether a child has ADHD or if there simply is a lack of discipline. ADHD must be diagnosed by a psychologist or a psychiatrist using a specific set of tests. Too often, the label "ADHD" is slapped on a kid to excuse a host of behaviors that go unaddressed. If the kids are not yet in school, consider some parenting classes. If they are in school, talk to the teachers about the kids' behaviors in the classroom and academic performance. The teachers will direct you to assistance from the school system if there are signs that testing is in order. ADHD must be diagnosed by a psychiatrist or a psychologist or an EdD (PhD in Education) who has access to the proper testing tools to make such a determination. If the kids are in school, the teacher or school counselor can help you arrange testing if the is sufficient evidence that such testing would be helpful. Very often, what looks like ADHD is a lack of discipline and control so physicians and professionals are not as eager a

Why would a fourteen year old normally well behaved girl not be diagnosed with adhd and given Ritalin when she began to exhibit signs of adhd including hyperactivity and inattentiveness?

A person must show symptoms prior to age seven.

What if your boyfriend cant stop thinking of you?

That means that you must be a very special person and that he thinks you are very special too.

How do you cancel special eduction?

The legal parent/guardian must go into the school and talk with the teacher that they want they're child to stop going to special education.

If somebody is in rehab at an age when they should be at university do they still go to school or have a special learning program etc?

University is a completely optional education. there is no substitute special school for people who have gone to rehab, because it simply isn't feasible. A person who is in rehab is an adult, and must take repsonsibility for themselves. Once they are cleared, they can choose to go to university.

What could a person do to become an OBGYN?

To become an OB/GYN a person must graduate from college and attend medical school.

Can someone with ADHD join the navy?

No. You must get your ADD or ADHD under control enough to pass an exam with a doctor/psychologist, and you must be off ADD/ADHD medication for at least 6 months before you can join the navy. BTW, you cannot have the interview with the doctor/psychologist until you have been off your medication for 6 months or longer.

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