Antihistamines (allergy medicine)

Must prescription drugs be in the original container to carry on airlines?


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07/01/2010 would be know that there not aspirin..medication is allowed

Actually, YES!! Legitimate prescription drugs in smaller, personal or pill-scheduler containers instead of the original prescription containers, have been confiscated from hold baggage at SeaTac, Denver, O'Hare, LAX and Dulles airports at the discretion of the TSA. My medicine was taken from my checked baggage on July 22, 2005, at Dulles. Like me, you can get it back; all you have to do, is:

1. Discover when you open your suitcase at home in L.A. that the TSA has exchanged your $1750.00 in heart medications for a chatty little flyer.

2. Call back to the number on the flyer, which is usually where you just came from. In my case, it was Washington, D.C. Make an appointment to meet with the local supervisor.

3. Get a statement from your doctor and pharmacist. Don't forget to have it notarized!

4. FLY BACK TO WHERE THE FLIGHT IN QUESTION ORIGINATED. In this case, back from L.A. to Dulles Airport, at Washington D.C.

5. Meet with the TSA and DEA representatives, fill out the necessary forms, and present the evidence. The representative may then, solely at his or her discretion, authorize the return of your medications. (Little known fact: Heart medications frequently contain nitrates and nitroglycerine, which test as high explosive when analyzed. If the TSA guy opens the medication container and spills even a tiny amount of pill dust in the suitcase, that piece of luggage will NEVER AGAIN pass the luggage bomb sniffer test.) Such fun!

6. I suggest you return home by Amtrak.