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My 1999 F350 7.3 turbo diesel shuts off when try to drive off or while accelerating?


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September 08, 2012 2:33PM

Two things to check, dirty fuel filter or fuel heater has blown up.

to confirm this, check all your fuses inside the cab, I bet on of them is burned and if you find it, it will tell you where is the problem( fuel system electric, etc)

think off spending + - $500 to fix this in a shop.

Really, fuel filter, fuel heater, really!!! God does anyone know anything about 7.3L??? No No No!!! Start with your cam sensor take it to a shop that pulls codes for free if u have a p0344 or p0340 just replace it and be done with it. Other issues with the 7.3l is basically NOTHING. Some undervalve cover harness issues, high pressure pump issues (rare) injector o'ring issues (just smoke) IDM issues (more likely the fuel filter).when does a fuse talk??? God that answer makes no sense. The 7.3L is one of the best diesel engines ever made and the reason is..... it doesn't have many issues other then the listed above. If you need more help send me a message and we can talk!