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My ear itch and i feel a sharp pain in my throat?

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This could just be the coming of a cold or throat infection. Whenever i am getting a throat infection or just a general sore throat my ears itch as well as my throat hurting. If this continues you should go to the doctors as it could be something worse.

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What does an itch feel like when you scratch it?

You you scratch an itch, it may either feel ticklish or you may feel pain.

How do you know if you have sore throat?

It's called a sore throat because it hurts. If you feel pain in your throat, that is a sore throat.

How do you know you have Sore throat?

It's called a sore throat because it hurts. If you feel pain in your throat, that is a sore throat.

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What does it feel like if you have appendicitis?

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Is it normal to feel throat pain after dental work?

You may notice a slight throat pain after dental work from your mouth drying out. Mostly, you will notice pain around the tooth you had worked on.

Why do you feel a sharp pain when you poo?

You shouldn't feel any pain while passing faeces or urine ! If you do - you need to get it checked out by a doctor !

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What does it mean when you feel a sharp pain in your vagina and it hurts when you urinate?

Go to a doctor

Can you feel pain in your throat when liquid ammonia is first swallowed?


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What is strep throat and its symptoms?

Strep throat is affection of your throat by streptococcus pyogenes bacteria. You get pain in your throat and there is fever associated with throat pain.

Woke up with severe sharp lower abdominal pain then got up and it went away but now have sharp moderate pain that I feel only while moving around?


What could cause sharp pain in the throat when swallowing?

I've got the same thing, i think it could be like "Strep throat" whatever that is... Need to go and see a dr asap.

If you have scorosis of liver and have a sharp stabbing pain lower back what organ is it?

I have a liver condition and started to feel stabbing left lower back pain very sharp pains what organ is causing this

What does it feel like when you tear a ligament?

It is a very sharp and excruciating pain, I hope that you will never have to experience it.

What does a nociceptor detect?

pain and itch

How do you screamo scream?

well first off drink a lot of water, like six glasses a day for a week, and the n do the thing from the grudge and over time get louder. remember its not actually screaming. and if you try it and you feel a sharp pain in your throat don't talk, go to the hospital cause you just ruptured your throat.

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