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Born of Zeus and Alcmena, he was raised by his mother and stepfather, Amphriton. Hera, hating Zeus for sleeping around (Ever looked at a family tree, almost everyone born after Zeus is his) hated Hercules so she made him go crazy and kill his wife, Megaera and their 3 kids, after having already tried to kill him numerous times, one time by putting snakes in his crib. after he realized what happened he almost kills himself but stops by being talked out of it by Theseus and goes to the Delphi Oracle who tells him to go to king Eurythius and do as he says to make up for the killings.

The king sets up for him to do 12 labors: 1) kill the lion of Nemea 2)Kill the Hydra in Lerna 3)Bring alive the Golden stag, sacred to Artemis 4)Capture the Great Boar from MT. Erymathus 5) Clean Augean stables in a single day 6) Drive away Stymphelian birds (I believe they were man eating birds... i might be wrong but anyway they were a pain) 7) GO to crete and fetch savage bull Poseidon gave to Minos 8) Run off Man-eating Mares of Diomedes King of Thrace 9) Bring back Girdle (belt) of Hippolyta, Amazon Queen 10) Bring back Cattle of Geryon (monster with 3 bodies) living on Erthia 11) Bring back golden apples of Hesperides (guarded by a dragon) (that the story that he tricks Atlas in) 12) Go to Underowrld and bring back Cerberus (Fluffy).

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Was Hercules a demigod?

Yes according to Mythology Hercules was a demigod.

Who is Hercules in Poptropica?

Hercules is Zeus's son and Athena's brother Hercules is who helps you in mythology island

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Hercules set Prometheus free.

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Is Hercules one of the gods in greek mythology?

yes, Hercules is one of the gods in greek mythology. he is the son of Zeus he is a demi-god he was made a god when he was about to die

Did Hercules rule Greece in 336 BC?

No. Hercules was not a real person, just a hero of mythology

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Where is Hercules in mythology poptropica?

he is in Hercs Hero Hut

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You have to get Hercules to open it.

On poptropica mythology how do you move the rock?

you get Hercules to move it

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first you have to get the mirror from afrodite

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Get Hercules to help you break it.

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nemeon lion

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You get Hercules to smash it.

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you dont give it to Hercules PEACE LOVE CANDIE C007

Why did Hercules survive despite of hades plots?

In Greek mythology Hades does not plot against Hercules, but aids him.

Who is the Greek God of wrestling?

The Greek God of wrestling is the half-god Hercules (Roman Mythology) or Herakles (Greek Mythology). Hercules like to wrestle his guests to exhaustion and then kill them.

Who is alcides?

Alcides is another name for Hercules in Greek mythology.

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You end up not needing it.

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