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Q: NAMES OF Past pupils THAt attended lavington public school?
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Is the high school Chris Brown attended a public school?

yes it is a public school

How many pupils per teacher are there in the public school system in Ohio?

I have to know the answer to the question: How many pupils per teacher are there in the public school systems of Ohio? I need this answer for my state report!

What was the school that Barack Obama attended Muslim or christian?

He began his schooling in Hawaii and attended a public school. In Indonesia, where he lived briefly with his mom and step-dad, he attended a Catholic school, and then a public school. And when he returned to Hawaii, he attended an elite private academy. Internet claims that he attended a Muslim religious school are false. He never did.

Did Mitt Romney attend a Catholic school?

No. He attended public elementary schools and then attended Cranbrook School, which is a private boys preparatory school.

What is the name of the public elementary school Bill Gates attended?

pepsi school

Was Charles Manson ever enrolled in public school?

When he wasn't confined in juvenile facilities he attended public school.

Did Hayley Williams go to public school?

She did when she was younger, but the high school she attended was a private school.

What school did Agnetha go to out of ABBA?

She attended public school and graduated at age 15.

What percentage of Private school pupils go to university compared to state schools?

It use to be that more private school pupils go to good colleges like duke and university of Chicago than public schools but now-a-days the suburb's public schools are coming close to matching the advantages of going to a private school. Subsequently the amount of public vs private pupils in said universities is evening out but due to things like dropout rates and the fact that there are so many more students in a public school the numbers suggest that more private schooled pupils go to good colleges.

Where did Grover go to school?

Cleveland attended public schools, and did not go to college

Where did Hillary Clinton go for elemenary school?

She attended her early education at the public school in Park Ridge.

Did Jackie Chan attend private or public school?

Jackie Chan attended the Nan Hua Primary School in Hong Kong which was a public or government school. (In some countries 'public school' means 'private')