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There are a few different professional sports teams based in North Carolina. One team is known as the Carolina Niners, and it is a Basketball team.

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Carolina Hurricaines NHL in Raleigh.
Carolina Panthers NFL in Charlotte.
Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets NBA in Charlotte.
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Carolina Pathers (They play in Charlotte, NC)

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Q: NFL teams in North Carolina
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What is the names of NC pro football teams?

The Carolina Panthers are based out of North Carolina. They are the only NFL team that hails from this state.

Which NFL teams are named after states?

The Arizona Cardinals, the Carolina Panthers (who are based in North Carolina), the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans.

Are there any major sporting teams in North Carolina?

NFL: Carolina Panthers. In Charlotte. NBA: Charlotte Bobcats. In Charlotte. NHL: Carolina Hurricaines. In Raleigh.

What NFL teams have players from Auburn?

carolina panthers

What professional sports teams does South Carolina have?

South Carolina technically does not have a pro sports team. However the NFL panthers and the NHL hurricanes are located in Charlotte which is on the border of north and south Carolina and are suppose to be carolinas team. Notice both teams do not specify north or south in there names.

How many teams in North Carolina made it in the 2011 NCAA tournament?

North Carolina has Three Teams in the NCAA Tournament Duke, North Carolina, UNC-Ashville

How many NFL teams were there before Jacksonville Jaguars joined the NFL?

There were 28 teams in the NFL when the Jaguars and Carolina Panthers entered the League in 1995 and became the 29th and 30th teams.

What is North Carolina's NFL team?

The Carolina Panthers are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, so that makes them "North Carolina's team".

How many division two football teams are in North Carolina?

There are 12 division 2 football teams in North Carolina. Click the link for a list of these teams.

What is the NFL team based in North Carolina?

Carolina Panthers

What NFL Teams did Reggie White play for?

Carolina, Philly, and GreenBay