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ruler, temperature, tape measure, graduated cylinder, linear measurements

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Q: Name 5 example of measuring instruments and their uses?
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Name Some measuring instruments and their uses?

Ruler - length Thermometer - temperature Graduated jug - volume Light meter - brightness

Do percussion instruments have a reed?

No they do not. Reeds are used to play Wind Instruments/ Aerophones. An example of an instruments that uses a Reed is a Saxophone.

Can you tell the names of 25 measuring instruments with its uses and its inventor?

A simple answer is impossible: it is a brochure ! Read a book of metrology.

Name a profession that uses the measuring tape to measure length?


Science instruments and their uses?

science instruments and their uses...

What are some uses of decimals?

money: $3.47 example, measuring, buying a certain length of something, temperature (like when measuring body temperature: 98.6°F)

What are some industrial uses for zinc die casting?

Some industrial uses for zinc die casting include measuring instruments, appliances and power tools. The most common use is for a vehicles power train.

Give ten example of measuring devices and their uses?

ano ba yan! kelangan nga nang answer e.!

Give example of measuring devices and their uses?

Metric Rulers,Metersticks, also ther are things like the gram and all the things that are related to it by power of tens

What are the general classifications of laboratory instruments?

The different classification of instruments are: Wind Instruments, e.g. saxophone, flute, clarinet, etc; Percussions and drums, e.g. clef, cymbals, brass, konga; etc; Electrical Instruments, e.g. Keyboards; String Instruments, e.g. Guitars, violin, cello, viola, etc; Brass Instruments, e.g. trumpet, trombone, tuba, etc.

Pictures and uses of laboratory equipments?

Beaker - measuring volume of the solution Measuring cylinder - measuring volume

What is uses of dietetic scale?

.it is measuring ..