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Mark Hughes - Man U, Chelsea & Barcelona

Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid

Boudewijn Zenden - Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona

Jermaine Pennant- Arsenal, Liberpool, Real Zaragoza

Emmanuel Petit - Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona

Michael Owen - Liverpool, Man U, Real Madrid

Lassana Diarra - Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid

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Michael Owen Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid Lassana Diarra Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid
jamaine pennant Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Zaragoza
Nicholas Anelka Real Madrid, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea
Bolo Zenden Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcalona
Mark hughes Manchester United, Chelsea Barcalona emmanuel petit Chelsea, Arsenal Barcelona

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Torres - Atletico, Chelsea, Liverpool

Petit - Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal

Hughes - Barcelona, United, Chelsea

Diarra - Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea

Owen - Real Madrid, United, Liverpool

Zenden - Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool

Anelka - Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea

Pennant - Zaragoza, Liverpool, Aresenal

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Q: Name 7 players to have palyed for 2 English top 4 clubs and 1 spanish club?
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