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What is the major ecosystem in Kazakhstan?

SteppeMountainForest SteppeDesert

What is an decomposer in a ecosystem?

A decomposer is something that takes thing a way like anamals in an ecosystem

Name the three energy roles of organisms in an ecosystem?

Producer, Consumer, and Decomposer.

Is a owl decomposer?

yes the owl is a decomposer and it is part of the ecosystem

What is a semiarid ecosystem?

Grasslands and steppe are semiarid ecosystems.

What are the recent challenges to the steppe ecosystem?

fried chicken

Is a coyote a decomposer in a desert ecosystem?

No, a coyote is a carnivore and a consumer, not a decomposer.

What is the mushrooms part in an ecosystem?

a mushroom is a decomposer a decomposer is the last step in a ecosystem they eat up the dead animals this is from macpg

What is the role of mold in the ecosystem?


What is the role of the fungus in the ecosystem?


Where does bacteria act in ecosystem?

its a decomposer

The components of ecosystem?

producer, consumer, decomposer

Shows the flow of energy in an ecosystem?


What is the most plentiful member of an ecosystem?


How does mushrooms help your ecosystem?

because its a decomposer

What is the decomposer in the galapagos marine ecosystem?

Ship Worms

What are the energy roles in a ecosystem?

producer, consumer, and decomposer :)

How does the decomposer affect the ecosystem?

It breaks down nutrients.

Why are decomposer such an important part of any ecosystem?

they eat the left over cows in the entire ecosystem......................

Is fungi a decomposer in the savanna?

yes, if they exist in the ecosystem, they are the decomposers

Which of these could be omitted from an ecosystem decomposer producer consumer?


What is the role of the algae component of a lichen in an ecosystem?

producer or decomposer

What is the role of decomposers in an ecosystem?

the role of a decomposer in an ecosystem is to use waste materials and dead organisms for food.

How does a decomposer help an ecosystem?

decomposers help return the nutrients in the envierment :)

If a bacteria causes your throat to sore what kind of relationship is that in an ecosystem?