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Q: Name a specific person that would help you move if you were in a jam?
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What is a generic resource?

A generic resource might be if I recommend to a person to call churches when needing food. But a specific resource would be to recommend that the person call a specific food bank to receive help.

What did Father Connolly do for the Catholic Church?

You would have to be more specific about which Father Connolly, complete name, country, and a century would help.

What is the name or term used for the person who would help a knight get ready for battle?


What name for has tiny hairs that help it move?

help what move? you have to be specific

Where do you take a mental ill person?

Normally you would seek medical help (most often psychological/psychiatric) from a clinic or specific department in a hospital.

What is a person that sells bees?

There is no specific name for someone who sells bees but someone who wanted to buy bees would probably make contact with a beekeeper or apiarist, a bee farmer or a supplier of beekeeping equipment might also be able to help.

What is a nurse job?

To help the doctor with a specific person who needs help

A movie about a child having a social studies procejt The child decides that he or she would help a person and in return this person has to help another person What is the name of this film pls?

Pay it Forward -

Pokemon Ruby help?

what type of help are you talking about? because i would like to help you but be more specific :)

What excatley is Elroy famous for?

There is no information regarding any famous person by the name of Elroy. Providing a last name would help with obtaining and providing such information.

Can I get help with my German Homework?

We would be glad to help you but please ask a specific question about your homework.

How would you being sympathetic to a patient?

treat them as you would a normal person but (depending on what is wrong with them) politely offer them some help now and again but dont treat them like a child (if you want a specific answer pleaase ask)